Bladder stone op part 2!

Hi all Well just home after having to return to hospital as was bleeding quite badly after op!!! Oh the joys…they flushed my bladder with gallons of water and eventually the bleeding stopped…phew!!! I have had to come home with an indwelling catheter to give my bladder a rest from self catheterisation!!! More joys!!! I feel extremely tired as got no sleep, the nurses were so noisy! Lets hope things will now settle down. Take care Luv Linda x

Oh Linda That sounds really horrible. You must have been passing blood - you must have felt very scared! Glad they have stabilized things and hope that the indwelling catheter manages to help things rest enough to recover. Hopefully you are now on the road to recovery. Thinking of you, Teresa xx

Many thanks Teresa it was very scary when the urine passing through catheter was pure blood…yuk!!! Managing with the indwelling catheter at the mo so fingers crossed my bladder gets a well deserved break!!! Thanks for your good wishes, hope you are keeping as well as can be. luv Linda x

I’m not too bad thanks Linda. I can just imagine how scary that was. Glad that your poor old bladder is getting a break. It’s no fun doing all this, is it? Teresa xx

Oh Linda, I am so sorry this has happened, but fingers crossed for your recovery now.

Look after yourself.

luv Pollx

Thanks Teresa and Poll, been in bed all afternoon, I feel so weak and my legs are worse than ever!!! A least my bladder is having a rest!!! Take care luv Linda x

Other MS symptoms are probably reacting to you not feeling very well. I usually find that this is the case. Very sensible behavior. Stay in bed as much as you can! Look after yourself, Teresa xx