dreaded uroligist tomorrow

I have been putting off thinking about it but all shaved showered and in bed ready for a visit to see the urologist at ten in the morning which means eleven because he is always at least an hour late even for his first appointment of the day. Wish me luck

Good luck Don, let us know how it goes, Nina x

Good luck Don. I don’t like visits to the urologist either so I can sympathise. Luckily my urologist has discharged me, I’ve just to see the continence nurses if I have problems. Don’t be a Kev and take drastic action to avoid it though, it’s not a good tactic.

Let us know how you get on.

Cath xx

Me too, Don. Except my appointment is 11.20. I’ll try to stay in the wheelchair today! Hoping for some answer to my continual UTI’s, but hoping he doesnt’t want a permanent arrangement, I’m really happy catheterising first thing and last thing. Anyway, may see you there- oh no, you’ll probably be at the good old Canterbury and East Kent , I’ll be at MK. Good luck to us both.

Good luck Don and KeV, hope you both have meaningful appointments.

Pam x

Best of luck Don. Pat xx

All went well if you like endoscopy inspections of your bladder, also a ct scan but he has signed me off unless tthey turn something upI did say I am fine but he insisted so more people poking me about. Still he is a nice guy but he woudnt share his cup of tea with me and he never had any biccies

Sending you virtual tea and biscuits Don…the very least you deserve!! Nina x

Kev the Urology department is at Kentt andCanterbury but I get out patients at Margate’s QEQM

Hope all went well for you today my Supra Pubic works fine for me I had continual infections when uretheral and also whenn self catherterising.

I had a CT scan last week so I’m waiting for a letter.

I had a renogram last year and my kidneys are at 48/52% function, so they’re a bit wonky. I’m sure you can imagine my thoughts every time I get handed most MS related drugs… the dantrium just gave me a sore torso but it can efffect kidneys & liver, so the day I randomly peed myself in our kitchen (so about ten steps from the downstairs loo!) I decided enough was enough and stopped taking them. And the accident was one of the possible side effects

Good luck Don, I feel for you as my feelings on urology are a bit mixed and muddled… I just want them to say I’m OK and leave me alone.

Sonia xx

OOPS Sonia I have done that

PS thanks for the virtual tea and bickies.

Wouldn’t it be nice not to hhave anyone poking and pulling us about

Hello Don,

Oh the dreaded urologist and the peeing accidents which blight out life! I reckon my day to day life is a master piece of planning and timing. After a couple of consultations I opted out of the clinic as it was just one more “package” of treatment. Subsequently the weakness has been more or less managerd with some well chosen equipment and a very tolerant wife, The 6 hour drives up north to see my old dad are now being managed quite well.

Best wishes, Steve.

Now, you’re all worrying me! I have my 1st urology appointment at the end of the month due to frequent infections and “accidents” I currently use a catheter 1st and last thing. What’s going to happen at this appointment, I suspect it could well be embarrassing!


My visit was easy and I got the result I wanted. My prostate checked out ( the hi-tech digital check!) and I’m down for a cystoscopy in up to six weeks time. The original appointment was cancelled because the consultant died suddenly, he was only 38. So they rang last week to explain and said that they had someone else to stand in, but they’d have to change the appointment date. I was expecting another long wait, but in fact it was brought forward from this Thursday to yesterday, to my surprise. A nice oldish looking guy, probably interrupting his retirement (or his lucrative private practice?). Sad about the younger man though. A young family, too. I’d never met him, but none the less…

Sarah don’t get worried, if it’s your first appointment they’ll probably just chat to you and see how you’re managing with the catheters. If you want you can do a fluid chart over three days measuring what you drink and what you pass. Just 3 columns with time, intake and output. Just gives him an idea of what you drink and how much fluid you pass with each trip to the loo. If you do it before your visit it might just help you get ahead, not having to go home do it and return a few weeks later.

They’re not evil little men desperate to use every tool they have, getting wound up is unnecessary. Take care and let us know how you get on.

Cath xx

Sarah Caths right they are nice people dealing with a somewhat taboo subject and I first encountered them ten years ago now and if I said it’s been fun I would be stretching the truth, but they have done wonders for me. Their knowledge has helped me tremendously and enabled me to maintain a good life. They are not scary it’s just a little bit embarrassing but if you have MS you encounter that everyday in some form or another, I couldn’t undo a packet of crisps the other day my seven year old grandson said I’ll do that for you grandad. That’s cute and embarrassing all rolled into one

Have a good one folks. I am in bed having overdone the last few days.


Sarah, my referral was way before my MS diagnosis, it was down to a problem spotted with my kidney on another test! So please don’t worry.

Sonia x

Thanks for the reassurances.

Doing the input/output table is a good idea.



I recently saw the urologist all prepared with my 3 day in’s & outs, had bladder scan all o.k, suspect prolapse after examination but not serious. If this appt was between Jan & march this year it would have given a very different story. Thank heavens we have laminate flooring and I was off work. She was really nice and made me feel relaxed. Pauline

Latest UTI started last night. 11 days after I finished the last lot of antibiotics. I just can’t get rid of it. I do have the system in place with my GP now, like Cath suggested, where I have sample bottles ready and a batch of trimethoprim in hand. Mrs Adams took the sample up to the doc’s first thing, and I’m waiting for a phone consultation with the GP, then start another round of medication, I guess.