Back from Dorset

Hi all, as you can see we’re back from Dorset and I’ve been posting like mad. We actually got back on Monday, but I was so overwhelmed by the new threads on the board I could’nt begin to see where to start. Plus the fact that I was knackered after a lovely four days away, and was pretty down cos my UTI has come back yet again, three days after finishing the last lot of antibiotics. Anyway, we had a great time, and I can recommend a very well adapted barn conversion, self catering, if anyone needs a break down near Sturminster Newton. Profiling beds, a kitchen with height adjustable cooker surface and sink surface, and a very usable wet room/ toilet. So to all of you who have been posting accounts of your recent woes, hang in there and here comes some sunshine! Love Kev

Ps I meant a break, down in Dorset. Not a breakdown in… :slight_smile: K

Hi Kev

So glad you enjoyed your breakk but shame about anither uti, so I suppose another lot of tabkets. Dont forget keep drinking plenty.

At least you have brought the sunshine back with you.

Pam x

Yah that sounds great I was last in Dorset about ten years ago and the alternator on the car went but had a great time there. Hope your infection soon goes the can be nasty. Sun not out here yet but it won’t take long to burn through. Have a good weekend I will it involves birthday cake it’s my sister in laws birthday and the FA CUP FINAL that might involve a few beers

Have a good weekend Don

Glad you had a good break away. Sorry to hear about the infection, hope you manage to get it cleared up soon.

Cath xx

Thanks all. Now on the next batch of antibiotics so I hope it really nails it this time. I’ve been doing intermittent self catheterisation for some months now,first thing in the morning and last thing at night. I find it so beneficial but my GP is fairly suspicious of it. I hope they don’t tell me to stop; I don’t want any permanent plumbing in if I can avoid it.

I got recurring infections when I started self catheterising, it was quite sensitive too. After a while it got better, hope it’s the same for you. Sometimes though they don’t kill off all the infection and it just starts multiplying again once the antibiotics finish. I found it beneficial to have another specimen sent off afterwards, it’ll catch that early. Might be worth suggesting. Good luck.

Cath xx

Hi, pleased you had a good time away from the routine. Especially good to have a nice weekend (weather as well) to look forward to. Drink plenty of water - that is what people say to me if I have an infection - Take care Jackie xx

Hi Kev, glad you had a nice holiday. I got back from mine 2 weeks ago yesterday… after a lovely time in the Wye Valley… but still can’t get over the fatigue… but hey it was still worth it. Funny weather in London… very overcast and very warm. Pat xx

Cath, that’s a top idea, thanks. My missus suggested getting an empty sample bottle from the doc’s ready in case the infection came back, but you’re saying get a sample in as soon as (or just before?) you finish the antibiotics. What’s been happening is:

get infection, ring GP, collect bottle, fill & deliver bottle, wait for results, start antobiotics.
Then: stay clear for 3 days, get infection, ring GP etc.

Your idea cuts out nearly a week of allowing the infection to catch a good hold again.

Kev x

Kev we did that for patients who got recurrent infections when I was nursing. Keep two specimen bottles at home. About three days after you’ve finished your antibiotics just send a specimen in. By waiting the three days you’ve given the current antibiotics chance to be cleared from your system, unless you still have symptoms then do it straight away. Most antibiotics take three days to kick in and you start feeling better, doctors usually give five to seven days worth of antibiotics, maybe you need the seven.

It’s very unpleasant, I’m sure you know this but you need to complete every course of antibiotics you’re given unless you’re specifically told to stop them, in which case get rid of the ones you’ve stopped unless told otherwise as there won’t be a full course of them and you’ll build up resistance if you take incomplete courses.

I rarely got urine infections prior to ms, but I used to go into retention which was the beginning, then with catheterising they became reasonably common. I kept on top of it for a while, sending specimens after antibiotics and “touch wood” haven’t had one for about six months now. I hope this works for you, your doctor shouldn’t mind, especially if it’s becoming regular.

Good luck.

Cath xx

Thanks for all that, Cath. It hadn’t occurred to me that antibiotics would stay in the system that long, but it tallies with what’s been happening. I’ll ask my GP if we can put the spare bottle system into action. Kev x