Pi££ed off

I just realised that’s actually funny- pi££ed off! Sick sense of humour helpsstop rambling woman and explain. Blood in urine (too much information, sorry) But the sun is shinning and I’m drinking lots of fluids taking antibiotics and things look less scary. Take care guysM

Oh M, I’m so sorry. Bladders and water infections are the bane of my life. Hope the antibiotics sort you out soon. It makes you feel so crap - doesn’t it? Look after yourself. As well as fluid - lots of choc to raise your spirits! Thinking of you, Teresa xx

Sorry to hear that M. Hope it clears up soon hon… I’m sure it will with the antibiotics.

Sending you lots of love (Teresa’s right… eat chocolate!!!)

Pat xx

ChocolateI must have been not well, I will take this prescription cheers guysM

Patient: M

Prescription: Favourite chocolate. Take as needed.

NB: There is no maximum dose but if you start feeling sick stop taking medication immediately.

Dr. PatB


Hi Pat, I had one of your prescriptions last night and it was bootiful. Oh dear, i`ve not stuck to my diet for a couple of weeks now and my new bra is sooo tight. Dont want to regain the 2 st I lost last year.

Bummer innit?

luv Pollx

I think all this cold weather makes us comfort eat Poll! Teresa xx

What a way to go, overdose of chocolate

Poll, you lost 2 stone how?

Take care guys and be safeM

Hi M

Sorry to hear about your infection, antibiotics should do the

trick for you, but drink plenty of water as well.

I sure do like the idea of chocolate helping an infection…will

keep that in mind!!

Take care

Pam x