Damn damn and damn

Hello guys, well Tuesday night I was addmitted into hospital. Don’t say to your GP ‘I just don’t feel well’, this was at the end of a strong dose of antibiotics for 7 days! I didn’t think that warranted, get your bag packed you are off to hospital… I’d stopped passing (weeing) blood, days before. Any way I got home 24 hours later, looking worse than when I went in - no sleep will do that for you. Things are looking up, I’m sitting here chatting with you and then I’m going to have coffee and carrot cake. Take care, be safe muchM

Sorry you’ve had such an awful time lately M, hope everything will continue to improve for you, Enjoy the carrot cake…yummy! Take care and keep warm. Nina x

I agree that hospital is probably the worst place you can be to rest and recuperate. Glad you’re home, as Nina said, keep warm and rest. And enjoy the cake.

Cath xx

Oh darling M what a rotten thing to happen!

I’m sure the doctor meant well… but as you say it doesn’t help… and awful when you get no sleep.

You’ve had a tough time recently M. Lots and lots of rest and TLC eh?

Sending you millions of good wishes M and hope you feel loads better soon.


Pat x

Oh M poor you! Things have been really tough for you lately. I hope you’re feeling a lot better now and that things improve generally too! I hope the carrot cake was good! Take care, Teresa xx

sorry to hear you have had such a tough time of it,i always tell the dr ‘please dont send me to hospital’ i avoid it at all costs,but know,sometimes it just cant be avoided.

hope you start to recover now you are at home,and in your own bed.

J x

How rotten for you :frowning:

I hate hospitals, I only ever had one overnight stay when I was about 12 - it was migraine related and all I can say is hats off to the person that can sleep off a migraine with hourly obs! I was weak as a kitten by the time they let me go. Shows how bad it was that I still have such a vivid recollection of it over 30 years later! It’s more like punishment than care.

I hope the cake is DELICIOUS as you deserve it after staying there. It sounds like you’re on the road to recovery now. thank heavens, I suppose it’s better your GP is cautious at least :wink:

Sonia xx


I totally emphathise with you from mynlast experience in hospital, some (((((hugs))))) to cheer you up.

Take care and get lots of rest.

Pam x

Cheers guys and lots of I am going to drag my body to the hairdressers, I looked in the mirror yesterday (must be gettingbetter). M

Nothinf better than having your hair done to give you a welldeserved boost M.

Pam x

Here`s some love from me too. I love carrot cake and I love having my hair done too.

luv Pollx