Floored by infection but happy :-)

The worsening symotoms over the last week make sense… sore throat started yesterday, head properly full of cold now. Annoyingly too, MS Nurse asked yesterday if I had any signs of infection, but I didn’t until the afternoon.

BUT, my latest photos are being very well received by customers and fellow photographers, and I’m extremely proud of them.

I’ll bathe in the glory while I’m laid up resting-

Penicillin for a week, canesten for the delightful side effects. Lots of oranges, veg, lean meat, fish & water for me. Nature’s recovery aids :slight_smile: maybe some 90% dark chocolate too :wink:

I’ll drop you a message later, going for a lie down now x

I’m just getting over a cold too MrsChicca - it is a pile of poo getting one so early in the head-cold season but hopefully they will leave me alone for the rest of the year.

Definitley the dark chocolate is a good idea (I’ll stick with 70%, 90% is a bit too hard core for me) and of course red wine is good for you too - if you fancy a tipple.

Take care hun


Me too MrsChicca, Kelly and Jennifer. I am on Co-amoxiclav penicillin for 10 days. Yuk. But if it gets rid of the infections then that will be good. The worst part of an infection is feeling really hot.

Hope you all feel better soon.

Take care.

Shazzie xx

I feel OK temperature wise but literally just started with this yesterday so it’s not had time to peak

Congratulations regarding your successful efforts on the foto phront and for felf diagnosing the infection…You are, after all said and done the world’s leading expert on MrsChicca’s MS.

Feeling happy and in control of the situation will help towards a speedy recovery.

Wb x

ps The 90% is a masterstroke,and not many people will want a bit…I would

Hands off my choccie :wink: I’ve tried some 99% too, I love it. Have to order online though.