So much for going to the doctor :(

You may remember me mentioning recently that I seem rather down and under the weather, with an apparent throat infection, and that this has been causing increased debility, and a reluctance to engage with things - such as meeting up with an Italian penpal who’d expressed keenness to meet me.

So, finally took the bull by the horns yesterday, decided I need to deal with the penpal issue AND the doctor.

Wrote to the penpal saying, in essence: “Yes, fine - very flattered, but do you understand how far it is, and sorry I can’t invite you to stay at mine, but would you like me to arrange some accommodation for you?” Yet to hear back about that (don’t think it’s a snub - she’s very busy at work, prior to going away).

Went online to book the doc’s appointment, thinking that, with a bit of luck, I’ll be all fixed and on the mend before the penpal comes (assuming she does), and will feel much better about the whole thing.

Earliest doc’s appointment with my doc is 21st July - and there was just a single appointment left for that day! I could have picked one of the others, but they do ask you to stick with your regular doc if possible, for continuity - and I do agree that is better - especially if you have a long-term condition, and want someone who’s in the picture.

So, 21st July it is. Sure my penpal will have been and gone by then, so am going to have to make do with the home remedies I already have been - cough linctus, ibuprofen, paracetamol, antihistamine etc.

Although I don’t consider myself severlely affected by MS, I’m starting to be a bit worried it is an MS thing, and that I’m inadvertently ingesting food. I’m noticeably wheezier after eating anything (not just certain foods, as with an allergy), I sometimes feel food is getting stuck on the way down, and my throat seems permanently irritated/inflamed by something - whether by things getting stuck, or acid coming back up, I don’t know. Have tried Gaviscon as well, in case it’s acid reflux (which has been explored with the doc before).

Feel really miserable, headachy, and have a blocked ear now, as well - though no pain or discharge, so don’t think it’s an emergency.

Middle of July, and I’ve got some kind of everlasting cold.


Crikey, that`s a long way off for something which might need a dose of anti biotics now! 12 days is a good while for bugs to grow!

I wouldve preferred to see another doctor sooner, but youve already made your choice to wait to see someone who knows you…but any doctor at the practice could look at your throat and see if there are bugs.

I think that was a good message to send to your penpal. She may still want to come meet you. Hope you`ll feel wel enough to see her…such an opportunity!


Hi Tina,

I work at a GPs surgery and most of them these days do have a duty doctor every day, they usually call you back initially and then get you to come in if they need to see you.

It may not be your usual GP as obviously they rotate who is duty doc, but might be an option rather than waiting.

Sally x

I’ve left it loads longer than 12 days already, Poll. If I’m really honest, I’ve been putting up with it most of the Summer, but it’s only recently started getting the better of me.

I’ve always been prone to throat problems, so find it really hard to tell when I’ve got something, and when it’s just me being me, and it’s allergies, or asthma or something.

This does seem to be getting a bit beyond the tickly throat and sniffles I always have, though. It’s beginning to depress me.

Then again, since MS reared its ugly head, I seem to have lower tolerance to minor conditions I’ve always lived with. I suppose if your baseline health is worse, previous things that would have been only “niggles” take a higher toll. :frowning:



Hi Tina,

Well done on the Italian pen pal thing. I think I’d have been procrastinating and worrying about the issue much as you have, so I’m impressed you’ve dealt with it. I put things off for so long, I often have to set myself reminders with definite alerts to tell me to make appointments, arrange housey type things (it only took about 3 months for me to phone and arrange for the oven to be cleaned but I did it yesterday, so well done me!!)

It sounds like you should maybe try for some antibiotics a but sooner than a fortnight away. I get that you’d rather see the GP who knows you best (don’t get me started on my GP emigrating to Australia - 2 years ago now but I still haven’t got over it!) but even if your current malaise has been lurking about for a while, it’s perhaps something you could/should get sorted more urgently.

Regardless, I hope you feel a bit better soon anyway.


Thanks Sue, I’m rethinking whether to cancel & rebook with a different doctor, as it’s really starting to get me down now.

Just posted in another post that I’ve had a set-to with a birdfeeder and damaged both of us. Don’t need medical attention for that in itself, but wonder if this “malaise”, as you so aptly call it, was responsible for my balance being even more off than usual!

Also, on chatting to my neighbour, realised for the first time I have almost lost my voice!

It’s not obvious, sitting home alone, because of course, I haven’t tried to talk to anyone. Shocked, when I tried to talk, that only a harsh whisper came out. Didn’t even know about that! So shouldn’t really be meeting my penpal in this state, even if she does reply that three hours’ drive is no problem!

Well done about the oven - yeah it takes me three months to pick up the phone about routine stuff that needs doing, too. My regular gardener can’t come anymore - hence the neighbour doing the grass. I’m putting off ringing round for a new gardener, even though I know I can’t keep expecting my neighbour to do it.



At least if you can cancel your GP and rebook with another online rather than having to make a phone call, it’s easier. Not least because of your husky voice! That’s also assuming you do things that are possible online but put off phone calls (which is my worst sin).

Re the word ‘malaise’ I may have to blame the medieval history I’ve been reading over the last few days (King Henry II and the death of Thomas Becket). My language is always influenced by what I’m reading!


I’ve just re-booked online for the earliest appointment they had with anyone, which is still not until next Wednesday!

I may (haha, may) ring them tomorrow to see if there’s an appt. with my own doctor sooner, as I’ve only belatedly realised the online appointments are a subset reserved for that booking method ONLY, and don’t reflect all the appointments they might have.

Yeah, I’m better online than with the phone, for some reason. Maybe because there are no call centres or queues or anything, so I don’t find it quite as stressful.

What a coincidence you are reading about Henry II and Thomas Becket! That’s exactly what I’ve been talking (i.e. writing) to the Italian penpal about. Her course is in Canterbury, so told her: “You must visit the cathedral”, blah, blah, “…one of our most important saints”, blah, blah, and went on to speculate about whether Henry really wanted Thomas murdered, when he uttered those fateful (but disputed) words.

So,whaddya reckon - fit of pique leading to a tragic misunderstanding, or did he know full well what he was doing? :wink:

I was surprised to find Italian schoolchildren are taught about this. Pretty sure I was never taught any Italian history - and not much British either. I remember doing: “The Egyptians” - fascinating in its own right of course, but not that easy to relate to today’s world.



I’m sure you could (ahem) phone and get a more urgent appointment, I’m sure you’ll perhaps see how you feel tomorrow!!

Yes, I reckon Henry had a fit of temper and goaded the knights into the murder. But then, who said a mediaeval king couldn’t be human? Surely Becket had driven him insane, winding him up by not doing exactly what Henry wanted! And whoever amongst us hasn’t said in a fit of pique: “how I wish someone would take a sharpened sword to [insert name here] and splatter their brains all over their cathedral”? The knights didn’t have to take him at his word!

It’s stunning the things children learn in various parts of the world. I suppose in a Catholic country the life, death and miracles of the most important saints are taught. We however were taught what the English/British achieved around the world! Maybe teaching you about the Egyptians was more about what English Egyptologists discovered, Howard Carter and all that. I only remember at school learning about the English Civil War and other English (not even British) history.