Well, after 3-4 weeks on the mend, I’m laid up with another cold. I thought I’d been careful too. This one comes with nausea as an added bonus too, so feel bloated as well as hot and tired.

However, evertything else is going very well, so fingers crossed I fight this infection off.

hope you havent got this noravirus.that all of me and my family have,including my little 9 month old grandaughter,

i had the same virus 13 years ago,and never forgot how bad it made you feel.

I felt less nauseous after some water so I don’t think it is. I’ve got the hug now but it’s bearable for now x

Keep warm and drink plenty of fluids to keep hydrated.

((((((((snuggly hug))))))))

luv Pollx

On the case Poll :slight_smile: hoping work will provide a nice distraction tomorrow, I’m doing a suicide girls style shoot (excited!). Also hoping a gentle training session will help tomorrow too, it gets my heart racing and clears some of the icky stuff out xx