my bodies having a party!

Well what week am I on 4-5... I'm losing count.

I still have the dreaded cough left over since my chest infection and my symptoms just dont' seem to be settling. It's really made my body go haywire like as if it's having a disco.

My arms felt heavy and had a burning pain friday; I was carrying my handbag and my lunch bag and if I didn't know what was in them I would have thought somone had stuck 2 tenk dumbells in them. My arms felt so weak. My arm seems to tire when I'm writing now too. My face pain is flaring up again but more a dull feeling than the really bad stabs. My sides hurting (kind of on the L round my waist and across the abdomen) and its excrutiating if my partner touches or hugs me there. I thought it was from coughing as my boss has developed a hernia from her coughing but my partner said it wouldn't just be on one side. Now I'm thinking maybe its a variation of the hug but who knows.

I felt like an old biddy in my yoga class yesterday too. First time I've been back since I fell ill and my balance was shot and my legs were vibrating terribly.

None of the symptoms are unmanageable at the mo its just strange how badly this virus has affected me, my body can't seem to make its mind up with whats going on.

Sorry moan over. At least I'm away from sunday relaxing in Cyprus and then have a second neuro opinion a week after I get back.

Really looking forward to lie ins, reading a good book, writing, the beach. Hope this week goes quick and nothing else goes haywire.





Sorry you're feeling so rotten and having such horrid symptoms. A break in Cyprus will be fab - where are you going? xx 

Paphos :slight_smile: Beach and some nice sight seeing with the family for 10 days and I miss the Olympics. The tubes been crazy and with the heat today it was a nightmare - don’t think I could face my journey to work in the midst of that. At least when I get back the biggest bit will be over.

Have a fab time in Cyprus. Hopefully the only partying you'll be doing is the fun type!

Karen x

Thank you Karen -

Had a bad night. Partner came home after 12 as he'd gone to the practice opening Olympic ceremony. As a result he woke me up even though he wasn't that noisy and it all went downhill from there.

I went to the loo about 4 times throughout the night. My eye and face pain which has sort of been dull in the background has reared its ugly head. The only thing that would get it marginally comfy was to press my hand against the eye. It's still not feeling right this morning; feeling sensitive to light and its stingy and I've got the deep borring ache back.

Just want to hold out till I get my second neuro opinion middle of august.