I'm back! :-)

Well I’m back after 10 days in Cyprus and boy is it good to be home. It was boiling hot - thankfully the aircon in the room was good and the evenings were cooler so I tended to venture out more then.

Finally free of the dreaded chest infec and cough completely - yipee! It was like an unwanted guest! Nothing new happened bits of the old stuff flaring up when I over did it and played volleyball with my neice and nephew or walked for long in the heat but all good. The spasm I had round my abdomen took a while to completely go (went 4 days ago) and the area still feels sensitive but boy was I pleased I took that 1 diazepam. I don’t think I would have been able to enjoy things half as much if I hadn’t.

Thank you for all the support you guys gave over the few weeks before I went away. Symptoms were getting on top of of me but come back feeling refreshed and positive and have 1 week to my second opinion now.

Hope you’re all as well as can be.



Did you come back twice?

Thats because she went twice silly, or I’ m seeing double again !

I think you’re seeing double

Its the new look to the website - I think it still has some gliches and sent the post twice!

I would say I’d have love to have gone away twice but truthfully a little break was good and what I needed but any more and I’d be going stir crazy. I missed you guys on the forum, home and being productive and the heat - I couldn’t handle anymore.