Bon voyage!

Well still at home today - though feeling a heap better. I did something quite naughty - I know I shouldn’t but I had to get out this dam rut for my hols and when I’m back I’m going to demand for some help.

So last year I got given diazepam for a neck spasm - the GP gave me a bout 15 tablets and said only take what is needed. I used 2 and I was feeling better so didn’t use anymore as I know its addictive. Anyway I found my diazepam in my draw 2 days ago and after uming about it thought I’ll take one because I’m pretty sure my abdominla pain is the crappy hug (I couldn’t even walk yesterday). Well 1 tablet yesterday - some massage and stretching and today I’m 80% better! Even my bladder seems to be righting as I didn’t wake up once for the loo at night.

I’m obviously quiet prone to muscle spasms - I seem to get them in my legs too but shorter duration.

Anyway wanted to thank everyone for their support. I guess I know I need to push for help and that I don’t have to soldier on when I’m unwell. Going to try some yoga this evening to try and stretch that side some more so that hopefully I’ll be right as rain for the hol. Won’t take anymore diazepam as even though its not back to norm its a heck of a lot better and I can cope.

You might not see me around for the next two weeks as I’m off to my parents and flying early sunday for Cyprus but thank you again for all the lovely replies and show of support. I’ll be thinking of you all and hoping to come back to find you in stable health and hopeuflly with a few more people getting closer to some answers.

Lots of love



Glad you’re feeling better Reemz and have a fab holiday. Cyprus! Lucky you!

Pat x

Have a wonderful time and hope you continue to improve. I wouldn’t have taken the Diazepam without consulting my GP, then again I do understand your frustrations with not getting anywhere with the GP. I do hope that you checked the expiry date before taking one.

If Diazepam does help with your spasms then I don’t see a reason why your new GP is hesitant to prescribe anything. I hope you have a nice holiday and you come back feeling really good.

Good luck and have a great time.

I know it was very naughty taking the diazepam! I did talk it over and think lots about it and yes checked the expiry and spoke to a family member who is a pharmacist too.

The rest of its disposed of but yes at least I’m feeling better and I know it was a muscle spasm.

Thank you :slight_smile:

Have a great holiday!

Have a brilliant time and lots of rest.

If it helps I would have taken the diazepam as well! I have some days where I would drink rat poison if someone told me it would make me feel better!

Take care


Thanks Nikki! xxx

I really did feel so guilty (hence why I had to confess on here) but I just knew it would help and it was sat there.

You’ve made me feel a bit better knowing at least I’m not the only naughty one. X

Well we say listen to your body and thats what your body was asking for. My body is asking for wine tonight so I must silence it with the bottle of Chardonnay in the fridge

The leaflet on my eppy meds says do not take with alcohol so I put the wine down and take them with a swig of water before finishing the wine.


I feel I have to reply.

Don’t feel guilty Gokr. It’s easy for others to give advise when they are not the one feeling your pain.

As an example: I have suffered chronic migraine for most of my life (27 years or so) and when it was at it’s worst, in my late teens/early 20’s, I would have taken anything to stop the pain. If someone gave me a tablet and said “This will take the pain away but you will go to sleep and never wake up” do you know I would have seriously considered it!

It wasn’t that I was suicidal and wanted to die, but I was in that much pain at those times when the migraines were so awful, that I didn’t know what to do. If it was only the headache I could have coped but it was the eye pain, the sickness, the light, sound and smell sensitivities and the feeling that my head was in a vice being tightened until it would implode. It was the muscle stiffness and pain in neck and shoulders. I was rigid with pain and no medication was helping. It wasn’t just the severity of the migraine but also the frequency. I almost lost jobs due to time off.

No offense fjear, I am not one ot take meds willy-nilly and would not advise others do so either so I know where you are coming from but I can also understand that pain can drive us to do things we wouldn’t normally even contemplate otherwise.

Hi midnightmoon no offense taken and I do sympathise with everyone who is not receiving any medication for symptomatic relief.

I think its unfair if a medication is available that a GP can prescribe to help alleviate symptoms, then they should do so and not add any unnecessary stress on a patient to put up with symptoms its disgusting the way some patients are treated.

You’re so right. It’s outrageous.