Doctors appointment today again!!

Off to see a different GP today in the hope she will help me with the pain and weakness. I have been ignored so many times that I'm not holding out much hope.

Hi Nikki x good luck - hope you get what you need this time lovely! xxxjenxxx

Good luck!

If they are reluctant to prescribe because you aren't diagnosed, ask them about something that would help that is widely prescribed (e.g. amitriptyline) and therefore OK for you to use.

Karen x

Thanks xx

Karen I didn't know that so will definitely push for something

You probably wont see me on here again because if she helps me I will keel over with the shock and if she doesn't I will have been arrested lol


Good luck.X

Any joy this time?


Good luck!! xx

Well that went really well. She actually listened to me, I took the list and gave her it, she read through it then asked me loads of questions and made notes on it.

She did some tests and said I had very brisk reflexes and terrible walking/ balance. She is going to write to my eppy neuro and express concern and try to get me rushed through.

She couldn’t prescribe anything because a lot of the meds (she mentioned amytriptiline ) will mess with my eppy meds so she wanted to run it past my neuro which is fair enough I suppose.

When I got home there was my MRI appointment as well. It’s on July 12th it’s brain only but I feel like things have moved forward a bit.


That's really good news Nikki. Turned out to be a good week for you after all. I'm so pleased. No meds but at least a step in the right direction.



Yah for a helpful and concerned GP. That’s progress Nikki! Also an MRI’re hopefully moving on and getting somewhere at last.

Keep smiling, you’ll get there.

Teresa xx

Thanks. Even though I didnt get any meds I feel I can cope a bit longer knowing that things are moving forward. No one mentioned they might react with my eppy meds and a seizure is really painful as well so will wait for someone to decide on the right ones.

Thanks everyone for keeping me going this past week


Hey Nikki that's great news xxxxxjenxxxxxthumbsup

Great news nikki - hang onto that GP and try to make her your regular - avoids repetition and frustration
Min xx

Sounds like you're getting somewhere. Well done for your persistence!



That's great news! 

Really great news :)

Sam x

Lets hope your legs dont fall off on the way ! and could you send her up

to.liverpool.when your finished, I could do with someone like her. good



Thats really good news and at least she explained why she was reluctant to prescribe anything.

I have found gps usually  want to run things past eppy consultants first, so that is true and like you say if your seizures are well controlled the last thing you want to do is mess them up.

With the scan date now recieved its onwards and upwards.



I don't know why no one had ever told me before about that. My seizures arent particularly well controlled but I don't want them to get any worse.

The GP said she didn't dare prescribe me anything because my neuro would eat her alive happy She is a great eppy neuro but man she is scary!