Quite a day today.1 appointment after another!!

I’m off to see my GP today to see what she thinks. It was her who found physical symptoms that concerned her but no one has even commented on that. I will see if she has a decent copy of the MRI report as well. This afternoon I’ve got a mammogram due to the breast cancer history in the family. My mum and auntie diagnosed within 2 weeks of each other and 5 others in the last few years. I’m not that concerned though, I think we have just been unlucky. We also have an appointment for my son at camhs to try and get some help with his ADHD! Bit of a day really.

Good luck today nikki. Hope you get some answers from your GP and that the other appointments go really well.

Paula xx

All the best


Good luck with all the appointments :slight_smile:

Good Luck with all the appointments today Nikki. Hope they go well! Teresa xx

All the best!XXX

You are going to be busy! Good luck.

Hope CAMHS can help your son. I know they are very hit-and-miss!

Thanks everyone. Phew what a day I’m exhausted! My GP was brilliant. She isn’t happy with their sudden turnaround from ms to psychological, she said she really believes something more is going on. She said she is totally on my side and will support me no matter what. She also said she will either re refer me to a neuro in York or to whoever I want wherever I want. I said I was happy to pay for a private appointment and she looked horrified and said there wouldn’t be any need for that. Even if there was a long waiting list she would deal with that! Not sure how lol. We left it that I would go to the neuro psych appointment first then she said just give her a ring and she will get a referral done. I came out of there a lot happier. The mammogram wasn’t my favourite thing ever but it’s done and just got to wait for the results. Wish waiting was an Olympic sport we would all get gold! Midnightmoon our cahms is a bit rubbish, we haven’t been for years because it was pointless but there is a new lady who only deals with teenagers and she is great. She saw my son on his own today and he got on really well so hoping they can help. Sorry for the essay and well done for reading this far lol Xxx

Hi Nikki

Bet you will sleep well tonight!

Your GP sounds great (like mine), so good when you have a supportive GP.

I had a mammogram a few years ago, and it wasnt comfortable at all! All we seem to do at the moment is wait for results eh.

Good luck with it all Nikki

Lots of love


Hi Nikki

Glad you have such a supportive GP, they are like gold dust, just like ‘good’ neuros LOL!!

My son goes to camhs (he is 17) and has been going for a few years for mental health problems relating to his physical disability. They have been brilliant with him as an older child but, as you mentioned, when we took him when he was much younger (for behavioural issues) they were less than useless !!

Havent had a mammogram yet, not looking forward to that one bit, but i will go ahead with it when the ‘call up’ comes, better safe than sorry!!

Good luck with all of it.

Cathy x

Excellent Nikki!

Wow I’m so so pleased your GP is on side.

I’d jump for joy if it wasn’t painful

You’ve had such a traumatic time with your * neuro its nice to know that you’re moving in the right direction again. I’m sure you have a big sense of relief that finally I have a doctor that believes me.

With your mammogram out of the way and your sons appointment going well you’re on a roll. I’m sure you’ll blitz that psych appointment - no sweat!

I guess after there have been dark clouds the sun has to come out at some point and it finally has for you.

Really hope you get a fab neuro this time who is finally ready to listen.



Cathy thanks for telling me that I really hope our cahms is as good with teenagers. We are getting desperate. I am lucky with my GP and she is prepared to fight my corner in the scary world of neurologists. I’m feeling more positive today and want to get the psych appointment out of the way and move forward. Thanks for the support as always. Xx

Hang in there Nikki

I award you a gold medal for coping with everything as well as you do,and still finding the time and compassion to reply to other peoples cries for help


We’ve been through a few different CAMHS because we have moved a fair bit over the years. They were absolutely useless and I have read and heard so many similar stories. Awful. But, when we moved to Bedfordshire we saw Bedford CAMHS and they have been great. We got an official dx of ADHD through St George’s hoodpital when our GP here referred us. They said they didn’t know how our son had got this far without a dx as it was very clearly ADHD. He was medicated from then.

Then through CAMHS he has had therapy for his sensory processing disorder, meds for his sleep disorder and CBT for his OCD. He has done so well since.

It’s amazing how different counties can offer such a different service.

Also good to hear your GP is getting things done.

Good luck and best wishes that your mammogram is clear too.

hoodpital? That’s a new one! Haha. I meant hospital! :slight_smile:

Aww Pip its nice of you to say but I dont do anything different to others on here. People have been so great to me I want to return it. I did say to my friend though that we have had such a rough couple of years that once this is over I will live to be 112 and have no more problems!

MM I hear a lot of horror stories about CAHMS as well. My son was dx with ADHD when he was 5 and they were ok then and got more useless the older he got. When he was 11 they stopped seeing him with no explanation then stopped returning our calls and eventually discharged him because we never contacted them ggrrrrrrrr.

This lady he is seeing now seems really good and I hope she can help him. Its awful to see him upset and saying why do I have to be like this I hate myself She also thinks he has autism but no one had bothered to look into it!

How old was your son when he got his dx? What meds does he take if you don’t mind me asking?

I’m sure my mammogram will be fine, its more to set my mums mind at rest than anything.


Hi Nikki I’m so glad your GP is being supportive, I hope she gets you another neuro appointment! Glad your mammogram is done, I had one last year and they are no fun are they? You’re right about the waiting - we’d all get gold! Teresa xx

Don’t mind at all. He was finally dx about 2 years ago at age 10 after struggling for so many years. I knew something was up. He wasn’t like other toddlers. Actually he was difficult from birth! There is Autism/Asperger’s in my family.

He has been taking Methylphenidate for about 18 months now. He takes it twice a day as it is short acting and lasts about 3-4 hours, so he takes one does after breakfast (because it suppresses appetite) and another dose after lunch, so the school get most of the benefit, but that’s fine because he is now doing really well in school. His home/school diaries read so differently now! He was getting detentions and ‘incident slips’ weekly. Now it’s a rare occurance. It was upsetting because he is a really sweet and caring child but the teachers were not seeing that side of him. The meds bring out the best in him now.

I am hoping he will outgrow the ADHD and won 't need meds for too long. I felt guilty when I saw what a difference the meds made in him because I am a bit anti-meds, especially in young kids and put off medication for a long time but I now wish I had allowed it earlier.

He also takes Melatonin at night for sleep disorder. Highest dose for his age because he does tend to become a bit immune to it after a while. The new higher dose seems to be working well though. crosses fingers.

It is awful seeing your kids suffer so much and feeling so helpless. My son has cried many a time because he felt he didn’t fit in at school and other kids would avoid him :frowning:

He would say he has no friends and no one likes him. When I said that I liked him he said it was only because I had to because he was my son :frowning:

It was a very difficult few years and he still has the occassional problem where he feels very down about having to be different and take meds etc. I have hopefully reassured him that most people take meds for something. If we have a headache would we take a tablet? Most of us would, of course. It’s no different.

Wow mm that was like you just wrote about my son, thats exactly him!! We have quite a bit of autism/aspergers as well.

Most people think heis a lovely boy and he is so caring but whenever we get told that there is always a BUT after it. My daughter got upset at the end of term as she had got 2 warnings over the whole school year. When my son was there he could rack that up before morning break!!

I have always resisted giving him medication but reading your post it’s made me think again. He doesn’t really have any friends either and it breaks my heart.

I remember someone telling me once that they dont grow out of ADHD they grow into it which I think is great and gives me hope that he will learn to manage his own behaviour in the future.

Thanks so much for your post xxxx

I know a fair few people with kids with ADHD and some meds have not worked or have had horrible side-effects. It’s all trial and error but this med works well and thankfully we’ve not had to keep trying different ones.

We can tell the moment the meds have worn off but it’s OK. We can handle it when it isn’t constant. It’s his older brother who finds him the hardest to cope with but he is 14 and has all those hormones raging. It’s a difficult time for anyone to be 14 without having a very trying younger brother.

At the moment I am trying to get Nelson (the one withn ADHD) to develop a sense of humour because I think it really helps to be able to see the funny side of any condition. Right now he gets terribly upset and is one who overthinks things. If anyone at school takes the micky out of him, which kids do, he really takes it to heart. I tell him to turn it into a joke or make light of it. Don’t let them see it upsets him. Get in their first and make a joke about yourself before they do. That way, they have nothing left to hurt you with. He also cares too much for a 12 year old boy. He gets in trouble sticking up for others and then gets hurt when others do not stick up for him. He spends a lot of time crying over his friend, at the moment, who’s Mum has breast cancer has breast cancer because, in his words, “She is such a lovely lady, it’s so unfair”.

We had a cat who had to be put to sleep last year due to being riddled with tumours in his chest and Nelson was gutted. He said he would gladly give a limb if it would save Rusty. Breaks your heart but I kept strong for him.

I wish sometimes that he would get a bit tougher but his soft side makes up part of who he is …and he is a great kid :slight_smile: