I'm back! :-)

Well I’m back after 10 days in Cyprus and boy is it good to be home. It was boiling hot - thankfully the aircon in the room was good and the evenings were cooler so I tended to venture out more then.

Finally free of the dreaded chest infec and cough completely - yipee! It was like an unwanted guest! Nothing new happened bits of the old stuff flaring up when I over did it and played volleyball with my neice and nephew or walked for long in the heat but all good. The spasm I had round my abdomen took a while to completely go (went 4 days ago) and the area still feels sensitive but boy was I pleased I took that 1 diazepam. I don’t think I would have been able to enjoy things half as much if I hadn’t.

Thank you for all the support you guys gave over the few weeks before I went away. Symptoms were getting on top of of me but come back feeling refreshed and positive and have 1 week to my second opinion now.

Hope you’re all as well as can be.



YEH - welcome back!

So glad you had a good time and are feeling relaxed and a bit better - no gossip to report but everyone’s chundling along ok. Been a bit quiet on here but hopefully that’s cos everyone is at the Olympics (Mike anyway - you can spot him in a blue shirt), or on their holidoddles or just chilling etc.

Hugs Dxx

Welcome back. Glad to hear you had a good time and that the chest infection is gone

Karen x

Good to have you back :slight_smile: Glad you are feeling refreshed and good luck for your second opinion. Sam

Thanks Karen & Samantha - its lovely to be back on the forum :slight_smile:

@Deb - thanks for the update on whats been happening (or the lack there of because of the olympics).

Its great to be back.


Glad you had a good time away! :slight_smile:

I am off tomorrow to Gran Canaria and am doing all the last minute stessing! Arrgg, will be glad once I am on the plane and I can relax a bit.

Great that you enjoyed your holiday and got rid of your chest infection. Glad it is making you feel more positive. Good Luck with your second opinion. Teresa xx

Enjoy Gran Canaria - you’ll have a fab time.

Hopefully you’re packed and a little more sorted so you can relax before your flight tomorrow.

Speak when you get back



Welcome back reemz glad you had a good time and your feeling better. Long may it continue Xxx

Welcome home and glad u feel better. x