Helloooooooooooo! I'm home :-)

Hi everyone (including those of you who haven't a clue who I am!) happy2


Had a wonderful time in Cuba. It's a fascinating place; beautiful scenery, very colourful and friendly people. Rather weirdly, I was mostly fine with the heat (34ish) and humidity (worse than here) so was able to walk most of the time - which is just as well as the place is not very disabled-friendly! Will definitely go back; next time Havana which is supposed to be amazing. Will need to investigate transportable power chairs/buggies before then though: my husband pushed me around Santiago de Cuba's town centre and I had to keep getting in and out of the chair because the kerbs were about 12 inches high!; at one point we "drove" the wrong way down a one way road to avoid them - an interesting experience scared


Had a bit of a tricky time with my Rebif. Forgot my thermometer, but stuck it in the minifridge anyway. Next time I went in there to get my Rebif I noticed a nearly finished bottle of water had frozen solid! Oops!!! Got the usual side effects though, so I guess it still worked nervous


Horribly jet lagged at the moment, but hope to be back on the boards properly next week happy2


Karen x

Welcome back Karen! hello

So glad you had a nice time and well-earned rest. We've been doing our best to answer questions on here but there's been times when I've thought 'oh blimey we need our Rizzo for this one!'

Remember, sometimes the fatigue hits AFTER the holiday... might not... but take it easy and rest up.

Pat x happy2

Hey, welcome back stranger, sooo glad you had a good time - now be sensible and give yourself time to get over the jetlag. Why didn't you bring the sunshine back with you?? tounge

Welcome back Karen

Glad you had a nice time. Sounds lovely. Been a few floods in my area, people actually canoeing in the streets near me! So to hear of nice weather a welcome break!

Missed you on these boards tho.


Glad you're back and got a well earned rest. Nice to hear from you.



Thank you all happy2

Bit of a shock coming into Gatwick the other day - 34 degrees to 10! No way this tan will be staying for long crying3


Hi Karen

Welcome back and I am glad you enjoyed your holiday,even with all the high kerbs!


Wish you could have brought some sun back with you, it's been dreadful here.



Welcome HOME....

About time you got home your grounded....x

Laughing at myself. Here am I saying that I'll be back properly next week and all I've done is sit here on the laptop since - too lazy to move!!! I'll blame the jet lag happy2

MUST go and DO something.............


No Karen

Just sit there on the laptop…I hear jet lag is dreadful and can last for days LOL


Welcome back!!!


hey…so pleased you hada good time away…but very good to see you back too…
em x

Glad you had a great holiday :slight_smile:
Sam x

Welcome back Rizzo happy2!!!!!!!!!!!!!

sonia x

Welcome back :)

Hello Karen,

Welcome home, so pleased you had a good holiday, we have missed you. Just as a bye the bye there is a chap on here called Rampage from Moscow who I think may need your expertise he's on the everday forum.



Me again I meant everyday living. Sorry.



Glad to hear you had a great holiday! :)

Great to see  you are back. Any good pics? Oh and dont you bother going to bed Midnightmoon?

Thanks everyone happy2

(I'll go have a look Janet.)