Off to Cuba!

Hubby and I are heading off on hols for two and a bit weeks - wanted to warn everyone, so you didn’t think I’d fallen off a cliff or something

Just checked the weather forecast for Cuba and am wondering whether we should bother mind you: temperature in the 30s, storms, rain, gray clouds plus humidity in the 90%s in the evenings - gulp!

Fingers crossed that my MS doesn’t get offended by the weather!
And that the house is still standing when we get back (kids home alone!).

Karen x

PS This is my second attempt at posting this, so apologies if it appears twice!

hi Karen…well sounds wonderful…hope you have a wonderful time,and your ms will behave in the humidity am sure the house will still be there when you get back… still sounds like an great adventure ahead for all em x

Have a fantastic holiday :slight_smile: x

Awwww! How fab!! We went to Cuba a few years ago - did a split holiday thing - 1 week on a beach holiday in the South which was lovely. But the best bit was a week in Havana! Absolutely awesome!! Never to be forgotten experience! x

Have a lovely time Karen! xxjenxx

Hey, good for you, hope you have a really really fab time. xx

Hey Karen

My reply to your post got swallowed too - the internet grmelins are out. Hope you have a fantastic time and come back feeling relaxed. We’ll miss you.



…any room in your luggage for me Karen?!..LOL…

I replied to your email this morning - so I shall look forward to hearing all about your trip sometime after your return…

Have a fantastic time

Debbie xx

Wow, have an absolutely wonderful time!
Enjoy yourself! <3

hi karen,

i hope your having the very best of hols,just posted something,and now reading your in Cuba , bless how wonderful,lookfroward to your help and advice when you come home ,hope you have had the best time,and bring us some sunshine,not too hot .

love b ozxxx

JEALOUS! Have a fab time x

hope you have a fabulous time and that the ms doesn’t have tantrum over the weather. xx

have a great time! x

Hope you have a brill time in Cuba Karen. Have a good rest - you deserve it !

Ness xx