Going on holiday!

I posted a few weeks ago about going on holiday with this weight on my shoulders, not knowing if I have MS and not knowing if it may flare up again but I bit the bullet after a lot of faffing about and found a holiday and just booked it before I thought about it too much and wimped out.

Me and my two boys are going to Gran Canaria next month for 7 nights all inclusive!

No cooking or washing up :slight_smile: Just what the doctor ordered, well actually he didn’t, I did.

We have had the year from Hell with the divorce and me being very ill and we really do need a break away from it all.

I can’t wait! :smiley:

Beach is a mile away but we can get a taxi if need be. Right now I feel great so am just going to keep my fingers crossed that it stays that way as I don’t want to think of any negatives right now, had enough of those!

Hi, sounds lovely I am sure it will do you all good and get away from all this rain. Me and hubby went to Lanzarote earlier in the year, I felt so well while I was there, we have just booked another 2 weeks in November. Enjoy !!! I am sure you deserve it. Karen xxx

Thanks Karen! :smiley:

It was yet another day of rain today that really made my mind up to go away. I just can’t stand it. I need some sun and a nice break away and so do the boys.

I am just doing a bit of online research, having never been before, about the area, food, traditions, places to visit etc. I just love sampling foreign food.

I hope it’s not overly touristy and catering for the English too much!

Hi, I have been to Gran Canary a few times, where abouts are you staying? I had some lovely holidays there, it’s a little bit busier than my favourite place in Lanzarote but it’s not like going to costa del Blackpool xxxx

Have a lovely time! We went to Menorca about a month ago - I was nervous in case my symptoms flared, but I was fine. Just had a couple of leg cramps on the first day while I got used to the temperature! Gran Canaria is lovely - the taxis are cheap and clean (all white Mercedes!) and the weather is fab! Enjoy.

Morning x I went to Gran Canaria many years ago & loved it x I stayed in Puerto Rico & drove all over the island - spectacular scenery around the coast and up in the moutains xxjenxxxx

My family went Gran Canaria and absolutely loved it. I’m due to go away end of the month and was quite worried as I’ll be away for 10 days with my family who love going walking for 5-6miles to sight see etc in the heat.

I’ve told them that I have to pace myself and if I don’t want to come or do something not to take it the wrong way - I just can’t over do it. They seem to be okay with this. And to be honest I could do with a break away - reading a few good books, writing and kicking back - so I’ve stopped worrying. What will be will be.

Enjoy the holiday - it may actually be just what you need after the horrendous time you’ve had.



Hope you have a lovely time and it makes you feel better! :slight_smile:


It’s in the Puerto Rico area. From what I’ve read so far it is pretty busy and touristy but I guess any holiday in the sun has to be better than staying here in grotty Bedford, lol.

I have read lots lof reviews and they say about the cheap taxi’s, so that’s cool.

Apparently the island is only about 27 miles across. I might even go to see the volcanos and dunes in Maspaloma’s.

I don’t drive so it will be buses or taxi’s if we want to go anywhere.

The boys are looking forward to it also.

We’ve never been on holiday without their dad before. I think it will be more relaxed! :smiley:

Now just gotta get some travel insurance in case, heaven forbid, I get ill again.

I tried the insurance recommended on this site but the website wasn’t working :confused:

hi, we are goin to turkey on monday, am nervous, probably for no reason. I went on compare the market for the insurance and it only cost an extra 3 pounds for a pre existing illness that has to be named. Hope you and your boys have a great time. Ive alkso been to puerto rico, its beautiful. Try and take the jeep ride upi into tjhe mountains.



Thanks Jan!

That’s good about it only being an extra three quid for insurance. My problem is that I don’t have a diagnosis of MS as only had one attack that was in March. Am recovered well but it’s always in the back of my mind, but, if you don’t try these things you will never know and I can’t spend my life sitting around waiting for something to happen.

It sounds like a monsoon out there tonight so I am glad I made the booking now. I just can’t stand yet another wash-out summer here.

Hi, I’ve just come back from Gran Canaria, a week ago today. The buses are gret too if you can manage them? Cheap and reliable, and air conditioned. Make sure you get European Health Insurance card too (old E1 11)http://www.nhs.uk/NHSEngland/Healthcareabroad/EHIC/Pages/about-the-ehic.aspx

There’s loads of cheap trvel insurance about, try the comparison sights, when you find one you like, give them a ring as sometimes they do it cheaper over the phone! We saved £30 with the AA on their on-line quote.

Take plenty of suncream, the weather is hot, hot, hot!!!

Yes, it is just what the doctor ordered…if only we could get it on a script, eh?

You go and enjoy yourself and time with your boys. you deserve it.

luv Pollx