Back home from holiday..

… to a brand new site !! Looks good!! :slight_smile: Had a lovely time in Lanzarote, while it was very hot, Lanzarote has a constant breeze which keep you cooler, however for the first time I noticed things happened in the heat! During the day my legs where so tired and heavy, muscles stiff and painful. Difficult to walk up and down steps. In the evening, although my legs were still a little stiff and achey but much better !! Then the next day went back to painful and difficult walking up steps, to the evening felt better… this went on for the whole 2 weeks. I didn’t realise till the last few days what was happening! Also kept having periods of, what felt like, net getting wrapped around my lower legs and pulled tight. Only lasted a minutes, but kept coming back in waves. Also noticed much more dizziness in the heat, especially when walking along the beach with the sea lapping over your feet. I couldn’t keep upright!!! Husband had to keep hold of me I was so disoriented!! Eyes blurry a few times too. Leg jumpiness became a lot worse. My whole legs tightens and pulls upwards, my foot lifts right up, my knee bends and my legs stays stiff and concertinaed together for a couple of seconds then relaxes. They were a nightmare on the flight home, for some reason we had no air conditioning on the plane and it was roasting on there! Most uncomfortable 4 hours … But other than that I was fine. Had a lovely holiday and can’t wait till next year. Do any of you experience different things in the heat. I know heat is trigger for symptoms, but curious to know whather what I experienced was ‘normal for MS’ (whatever normal is :slight_smile: ha ha!!) Jules

Welcome back :slight_smile: Heat basically wipes me out. I’m zombie-like! My sensory symptoms also get worse at times. Interesting you say about walking in the shallow sea - I walked into the sea (about knee height) on holiday for the first time in years and my friend had to come and rescue me! I couldn’t look down without nearly falling over, and I couldn’t not look down as there were stones which if I stood on awkwardly I could fall over. (It was way too cold(!) never mind too shallow to swim.) I think it was because the water was moving, so my visual system and vestibular system couldn’t cope. The leg cramps sound nasty :frowning: Are you on baclofen? Karen x

Thanks Karen Yes the heat wiped me out too. I didn’t last long out during the day and had to go back to the apartment for rest or sleep (mainly sleep!) Luckily my husband is understanding. The legs cramps are a pain when they start, but luckily I don’t get them every day, well I supose I get them every day during what I think is a relapse and I got them every day while on holiday… :? But I’m not on any drugs. neuro offered me drugs last year but I refused, I want to keep drug free as long as possible really. I mentioned the drug neuro suggested to GP, gabapentin I think it was, and GP said not to go on it unless I am having problems for longer or more severe than I am now !! And yes I couldn’t look down at all in the water, it was so weird!! I thought it must have something to do with visual senses. Jx

Hi , hope the holiday has refreshed you…despite your busy legs…had to giggle re your legs feeling like they were caught in a net…were you paddling to far into the water and got entangled with fishing nets? no, silly me! Have heard it is cheaper for airlines not to use air con…hence more cases of DVT…thankfully not for you tho. Glad youre back safe and sound. luv Pollx