ugh, IS mostly all i can say. Even with fan on my legs are going mad tingling and spasms and BURNING, oh my god the burning.

How do people go on holiday to spain and other places lol. I would die. I hate this heat. Now where did i put the ice, oh poo its melted…

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It wears me out I don’t function well at all in the heat however I do travel abroad but only to somewhere with a pool that isn’t cold as too cold sends me into Tonic spasm. I will continue to travel as long as I can and deal with the heat as best I can while there. Fortunately all indoor areas have air con and I spend most of my outdoor time in the pool. When it’s hot at home I sit with my feet cool water this way I can still sit outside if I want to.

Keep your window closed plus blinds or curtains to help keep indoors cool, roll on Autumn.

Jan x

Hotter the better. I guess everyone is different. I am permanently in an electric wheelchair, with all the other symptoms of MS. But going out to the park and sitting in the sun I love it. JD

Hi everyone …new to this forum, but not new to MS - diagnosed 23 years ago. Has anyone here had severe back pain which resulted in an operation to alleviate the issue. Apologies for diving straight in but I had a spine op almost 2 years ago and things aren’t going good. Thank you for ‘listening’ to me - hope you’re enjoying the Bank Holiday peeps x

Sadly - I’m really affected by the sun these days!

My legs just give up and I cant get get around in this heat at all!

I used to love going on holiday especially somewhere warm and sunny but I would struggle so much now!!

I’m truly gutted!


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I never felt the effects of the heat until about 18 moths ago, but now OMG it just drains me. I recall my sister always saying how much the sun & heat used to impact on her MS, but for years it never bothered me, not even when going on hols to Tenerife , Portugal ect, but not any more its jus an absolute killer . We chanced a week in Mexico a few months ago and it just wiped me out, 20 mins laying in the sun was enough to finish me off, it was a nightmare !

I absolutely detest hot weather( anything hot, come to that - even a mildly hot curry floors me); not only does it make me horrendously symptomatic, but it also makes me incredibly crotchety and short of temper. Mercifully, I can sleep at night thanks to my stand fan and a good belt of clonazepam, but otherwise its a nightmare. I would cheerfully move to the arctic, but that’s melting, too…


Hi Lesley you need to start a new post hun, as your question will not get answered in a post about heat intolerance.

It could actually be the heat that is making your spine worse. xxxx

thank goodness its cooling down what an old misery am I, but really even with a cooling fan its draining me lol. to think i was born in a country surrounded by desert lol and hot days.

Well today we have another 33c in London, I had 3-4 litres of water on Mon Monday. supposed to cool down after that. But in 2-3 months winter will be upon us here. Rain I don`t mind but ice and snow no thank you. Lets hope its a mild winter again. Keep well hydrated. kielyn

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Its only the last few years that i cant stand heat.I used to love being in the sun whenever possible but now i avoid heat if i can.The humidity is the worse for me i just cant function much at all if its humid.

Nice little explanation here. We know it happens, but it can be useful when explaining to others why it is.



Hi I’m 2 years after diagnosis and suffer mainly sensory symptoms (numbness) alongside some others - fatigue, muscle fatigue, brain fog (!). My mobility is not at all affected, aside from the fact my gait changes when I’m tired (leg drags a bit). The fatigue I experience, as you all know, is debilitating- but I class it as mentally debilitating more than anything. However I am still able to work full time, again counting myself lucky that I can. . I went to New York on a special family holiday last month, and although I couldn’t wait to go I was so worried of the effects the heat would have, as all my symptoms do flare up in heat especially humid conditions. On top of that, the general craziness of New York! However I had an amazing time, the heat did definitely send me a bit loopy sensory wise (totally numb mid section, jelly legs and arms!) but I was lucky to be able to get around. Factor in we did an awful lot of walking (with an awful lot of pub stops!) probably not recommended but I definitely wasn’t complaining and I know how lucky I am to be able to do this - making the most of while I can! Anyway since I’ve been back, my numbness has improved (it changes constantly…I’m always numb SOMEwhere but it’s currently across a much smaller area). I’m totally happy relaxing in the heat, but working in it is another battle…I’m going back to work next week (teacher) and dreading the heat and the fatigue that comes with it. Luckily, my class of 5 year olds should keep me distracted :wink: