on holiday soon, kinda scared about what might happen with symptoms :-(

While i have been feeling better overall, even tho the pain seems to be getting more consistent and my speech issues and twitches seem to be making a comeback. i am concerned that if the weather is warm again (then again who knows lol), what might happen overall with weakness. I was planning to make it a great holiday, do as much as poss regardless, but its the first one i will have had since things got really bad with the pain,fatigue and weakness, and being so far from home ( from hampshire to blackpool), im just really scared, tho i keep telling myself it will be fine cos im meeting a friend who lives there and will be with her most of the time, something is still scaring me, am i being silly?


Hi, well i’m not dx yet but i don’t think you are being silly at all. My BF wants to take me to Majorca the end of this month but i am waiting on another MRI and an appt with MS specialist approx 4 weeks to MRI so neuro says! I haven’t got the heart to say anything to him but i too am scared to go away. Not only that but Majorca was where all this started with a numb face only this time last year just before i met him. I hope you can bring yourself to go just as i am hoping i can too.

Hugs sonia x

Hi Definitely not being silly. I am flying to France on my own for the first time to stay with a friend and I’m really worried about possible heat and symptoms flaring up. So maybe we can be brave together! I am determined not to let things spoil my hols though, especially as my friend tells me wine is cheaper than coffee in the cafes! Lol Do as you set out to do and make it a great holiday regardless, even if you have to have an extra ‘coffee’ break for a rest. More of a chance to have a good old chat. I am sure your friend will be there to support you, as mine will with me. X

Not being silly at all.

I’m going away with my two boys next Friday to Gran Canaria for a week. Never been there before. Also haven’t been abroad with kids on my own before and with my horrible attack in March I am a bit worried in case things flare up while I am there, or right before I go meaning I will have to cancel.

I got a dx of CIS a couple of weeks ago after my MRI showing one lesion and LP showing inflammation.

I asked my neuro if I should take out special insurance and she said she wouldn’t bother if it were her.

I did, however, take out travel insurance to cover me for CIS as I wasn’t keen to fly away to another country without being properly covered.

I have been feeling great for weeks but today my left leg is playing up again! Typical! Now worried things might get worse :frowning:

Maybe I am just worrying about it too much. Maybe it was doing a spot of gardening today that did it. Maybe it was shopping…who knows. Just hope I wake up tomorrow and all is OK again.

Then I will be worrying about the heat over there!

Gah! Just gonna give myself a slap and hope for the best. I couldn’t bear to tell the kids we can’t go :frowning:

Perhaps I should take a folding stick with me in case I need a little support. Will I be able to take it on the plane, does anyone know?

Trust me to go for a hotel up a mountain!

Jules - not silly at all natural to be scared. But you deserve a holiday and a good one. Rest and relaxation away from the usual chores. Eat nice food an odd glass of wine if you’re able. If weather is warm get yourself in shade or air conned cafe. To give yourself peace of mind I would suggest travel insurance and declare ms if not theyll screw you. Also worst case I believe they have hospitals in Blackpool!!! Seriously go, have a great time , maybe a paddle in the sea and sing! Love and hugs Min xx

Haha Min, yeah i would hope they do have hospitals in blackpool but i don’t plan on going to one! seems there are a lot of us going on hols at a similar time, think we will all have to be brave together! nice to know im not being silly. just felt a bit silly cos my symptoms are small fry compared to others. maybe we should have a " all the great things we did on hols" thread come september, share all the fun things we did despite our rubbish health!