Feeling great!

Just back from a week in lanzarote was a bit wary about the heat making ms symptoms worse! I’ve never felt better I have to say my leg felt nearly normal I could walk a lot easier than I can at home! Does anybody else feel better in the sun? I have to say I feel worse in the cold and dreading the cold dark winter months :frowning: maybe need to live in the sun lol! Emma x

I find the heat helps me too. Looking forward to Cyprus next summer. Keep thinking about a move somewhere hot but would miss friends & family here too much - more holidays needed. Just need that lottery win…! xx

Glad you had a great time. Heat totally floors me but glad it works for you

I find heat helps me too Emma as far as sensory, aches, my walking etc… it does tire me more though, but overall I feel better in the heat than I do in the cold!



I’m glad you had a great time, Emma. It must have been nice to have some relief from your symptoms and to have a relaxing time with your family.

I don’t know what I would be like in overseas heat as I deliberately booked a holiday to Germany knowing it wouldn’t be too hot. This summer though I didn’t feel to bad here, so perhaps it’s just humidity that floors me?

Let’s hope we don’t have a really awful winter this year.

Tracey x

Hi , super news to hear your holiday benefitted you so much.

Can we get prescription holidays?

I cant cope with cold or hot weather! Just like it warm and slightly breezy…and to be able to hang the washing outside to dry!

luv Pollx

Not exactly prescription holidays but we could maybe manage a short break:

Liz [Moderator]