Off to Cuba! (Not MS)

Hubby and I are heading off on hols for two and a bit weeks - wanted to warn everyone, so if you noticed you didn’t think I’d fallen off a cliff or something

Just checked the weather forecast for Cuba and am wondering whether we should bother mind you: temperature in the 30s, storms, rain, gray clouds plus humidity in the 90%s in the evenings - gulp!

Fingers crossed that my MS doesn’t get offended by the weather!
And that the house is still standing when we get back (kids home alone!).

Karen x

enjoy ur hols,just take it easy,and ull have a ball lol

Hi Karen

Have a fab time and a well earned rest.


Hi Karen, enjoy a well earned and much needed rest, yeh?

My daughter and co are going to Cuba in August. How hot will it be then? Oh, I can`t stand the heat.

luv Pollx

Have a great time Karen, take the weather in your stride, youll get aclimbatised and come back glowing. New horizons, new scenery, new socialising - Im jealous.

With all that vit.d youll be able to take part in the olympics when you come home (:o) you wish eh.

Take care and Ill miss you until your home again. Can I squeeze into a suitcase - please, pretty please?



Have a great one. Let us sing you on your way:

Bob x

hope you have a good time on your holiday enjoy yourself

janette lol

have a great time and please bring me a che guevara t-shirt back.

carole x

Hi Karen,

Have a really lovely holiday and come back feeling like a million dollars or rather pounds (but not in weight).

Enjoy yourselves and forget about the house still being there!!!



Have a great time on your hols, Cuba is lovely, the people are so friendly.

Lynne xx

hi Karen Have a lovely time and pace yourself! Air con is great in the hot afternoons and nights! Thank you for all the help you have given me me over the last year or so. Best wishes Ppx

Have a wonderful time Karen, you deserve it.

Jacqui x