I'm home :)

Hello to everyone, I’ve missed this forum! I’ve been away in Mallorca this week. It was great, I couldn’t swim, and spent a lot of time sunbathing in short bursts but I managed to get some sketches done while there. I hope everyone is alright, I’m going to catch up now on here. I didn’t have any decent internet and couldn’t access this site at all…talk about withdrawal! Xx

Welcome home


Hello Beverly

Hope your all rested and chilled out

Just been listening to an interview my daughter set up for one of her clients on radio Berkshire…my girl done good

Welcome home! Sounds as if you had a lovely time! xx

Thanks Moyna :slight_smile: Blossom- that’s brilliant! She’s very clever, bet you’re really proud xx. Thanks Purpledot, it was lovely. It’s nice to be back home and a bit cooler. I think we left at the right time. When we flew home on Saturday, the weather in Mallorca was 33*C ! I would have had trouble with that! It’s always so nice to get home to your own comforts, and I’ve been so busy, catching up with the washing and ironing. It’s a good job I’m feeling not too bad, otherwise that washing would have taken ages for me to do…and I’m a bit of a neat freak. Thanks for your messages and I hope you’re all doing alright xxxx

Hello Beverley,

Sorry I don’t know how I missed this thread . Welcome home Beverly it sounds as if you had a great time.

Robert x.