glad to be back.


This is a very quick post to say I am so gladc to be back on the forum, and hope you are all well. Hubby doin me tea, so cant be long!! Not been on for ages, (tell you al why in next post). God I didnt realise how much I need you all, (some I got a little close to last time), even though I hadnt been on a long time, still I felt at home and you all felt like mates. And soooo supportive, and I’d like to think I was supportive to others too. Just wanted to shout a massive hello, cos thats how I feel.

Speak to you all properly soon, Poll thanks for the message, I will give you all my gossip soon!!

God I’m so chuffed to see the names I recognise too!!

Lots of love


Nice to “see” you again!

Karen x

Hello Jan,

I’m quite new to this site so I just wanted to say hi.

Janet x

Hi, glad you got my pm. Look forward to catching up with what`s been happening.

luv Pollx

Thanks peeps. Am going to be on quite a bit more hopefully, health permitting. See you soon.


Hi Jan Just wanted to introduce myself and welcome you back to the forum. Teresa xx

Hiya Teresa and Janet, hope you are both ok, thanks for sayin hi.