Already missing Poll...

For when you get back from respite Poll… can tell you now you’re already missed! (and wonder what they’re giving you for Sunday lunch??)

Pat x

Hi Pat

Yes, I miss her cheery words also.

Its dull, damp and cold here and could do with something to cheer me up, enjoy your pampering Poll, but come back soon!

Take care Pat and keep warm


Yes I miss her unwavering optimism and am in awe of it in fact, as I am nature’s eternal pessimist! Teresa xx

Hi sorry it’s a while since I’ve been in with the new site had a few issues with it. What’s happen to Poll last I heard she had left the forums ?? Love Chris xxp

Hi Chris, I`m still using the forums. I did think about leaving, when I had so much trouble with the new set…up…like many others.

I`ve just had a respite break…wonderful!

I`ll add you to my buddy list, as before.

luv Pollx