Worried about Poll

She hasn’t been on here for about a week and I’ve PM’d her a couple of times and no reply.

Has anyone heard from her?

Poll if you’re out there, hope you’re ok hon.

Pat x


l think she was off on another hol - look back on her posts of last week.


Hya, I don’t think so. Last post she had just had letter about another possible dx and was stressed out, and was waiting to see if she could get funding for Blackpool.

Maybe she’s just taking a little break from the forum. Hope that’s all it is.

Pat x


l have just been trying to look for her posts. l do know someone who has her email address - l will send her a message to pass on.


I had noticed her abscence too.

Isn’t it heartening to know this big group of strangers genuinely do care about each others wellbeing.

Thanks Campion for trying to put our minds at rest.



Pat x

She has gone to respite for six days…who says Mods don’t read posts?


I thought she came back from that?

Or am I dreaming again?

Hi Pat,

You are right Poll came back from respite care last week. I’m worried too so am going to try to contact her and will feedback my results.

;-o Mary

Hi All,

Ok I’ve solved the mystery Poll is out shopping with her sister and she is okay. I think my call to Graham might prompt her to get back on soon. It just goes to show how much she’s missed and how supportive her messages are.

Now I’m happy and can relax.

;-)))) Mary

good to know shes ok. x

Great. Thanks. Yes good to know she’s ok.

Pat x

Yes, glad she’s OK. Teresa xx

I noticed whe was missing too. She always has such a positive outlook on life.

As long as she’s been away from the boards enjoying herself then that’s fine.

Hope she had a lovely time.

Jen x

Hi, I was just thinking the same thing last night, that I hadn’t seen any posts from her. Glad our Poll is ok xx

Hi all,

I’ve just replied to Poll’s latest post.



Hi Jan, its so heartwarming to know so many folk were concerned about me. Ill keep coming back, like a bad penny!

luv Pollx