just checking

Hi, I had a pm today, from Michele in admin. She is asking if I`d like to answer some questions about the forum. Anyone else had the same?


Yup. :wink: Thought I was in trouble. … :smiley:

called to the head`s office…



Yep, I got sent to the Headmaster too!

Completed the questionnaire…short and easy. Nice to know my thoughts are invited, despite not having MS anymore!


Hello all. Thanks so much on their behalf for completing these. It really does help.



You’re very welcome, Val :smiley:

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Ditto. Done my sensible, back to stoopid…


I thought I was special.



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That’s better than thinking you were in trouble though, right?

Both Andy and myself clearly have a guilty conscience xD

No I haven’t had it Poll.

I must have been naughty!!

Shazzie xx

Ooh Shazzie, you might get lines!

Thank goodness, you had me worried for a moment…

I think mine might be pages Jelly not lines.

Please tell me I’m not special Val.

Shazzie xx

Haha, me too xD

Maybe that’s it, Shazzie?

Please write, “I am not special, Val” 500 times ;D

Hahahahaha!!! But what if I think I am?

I’m starting it now. Will let you know when it is done. Might take me a while!!

Shazzie xx

OK, stop writing…

It was random, and if it helps, I didn’t get one either!

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Oh, yes, I did - thanks for the reminder to do it, and also for checking it’s all above board!

Not that I’m paranoid or anything, but I’ll be honest, I hadn’t heard of Michelle.

If it had said: “Please give your passport No, DoB, current address, bank account No. and mother’s maiden name” I’d have been a little more worried, but it’s right never to assume!