Just Checking

The board seems to have been very quiet recently so just checking all ok with you.

​I know Christmas knocked me for six and the flu jab seems to have flared up all my old symptoms.

Hope you are all doing ok.

Shazzie xx

Hiya Shazzie

I had an extended break at Christmas bût doing ok ta

Sorry to hear you’re not feeling good.

((((((Hugs)))}))) to you

hi shazzie

i am still loitering around…

been busy with life!

today i need to get moving and get to post office!

tae care, ellie

Thanks for the hugs Noreen. Glad you are ok.

You take it steady Ellie. Don’t overdo it like I did over Christmas. Silly me.

Shazzie xx


daughter made us egg rolls on christmas day! trust me-i didnt over do anything…


You feeling a bit down as well Shazzie? I know this time of year seems to have that affect on a lot of people. Plus of course, you are not feeling well.

Why do we overdo things? We never seem to learn…do we?

I get stressed out about things around the flat I can’t do anymore. Give myself a lot of pain struggling with it and within days it’s back to square one.

Hey ho

Yes I am feeling low Noreen. This blimmin hug is so painful. I feel good enough to do little things then it strikes til I sit down then it goes.

My neuro said to up the Baclofen but I feel like a zombie when I increase it. Guess I will have to play with the dose til it suits.

You have a lovely day.

Shazzie xx

I had a break from the forums, I was dreading Xmas and got myself into a bit of a slump.

Couldn’t bear all the happy clappy people telling me what to do - now realise that was depression talking, not me.

Anyway feeling better now, just started Tecfidera and all well

Kath x

Hi Shazzie,

Sorry to hear you are still not feeling too good, MS is a right pain in the ar** isn’t it (that’s the polite version).

Like Polar Bear, I stick to the happier threads when I feel cra* (like today), had my DMD yesterday and I feel the worst I have for months, I think stress not helping.

Anyway, enough of that. Hope you get some relief from the dreaded hug soon. Get lots of cuddles off Charlie, relax and eat chocolates.

Nice ((((hugs))))

Cherry x

Hi Shaz, sorry I’ve not been my usual noisy self, I will endeavour to be more gobby!

I’m hooked on playing mah jong and word science!

Into Jan and Feb horrible months? But nights are getting lighter so that’s good.

Luv pollyxx

Thanks Jen, Kath, Cherry and Poll.

Yeh/ I’ve missed you Poll. Not the same without your hob!! Lol!! (You know I am joking).

How’s Lucy?

Shazzie xx

I meant gob not hob!!! Oh dear. It’s worse than I thought.


Hi Everyone, I have been feeling really down too, I guess it’s just the time of year. Haven’t been able to get out much or see my friends. I know I will feel better when March comes and I start my volunteering work again. Also, I never thought i would say this, but I feel like I need some sun! Want to wear nice clothes again, not horrible, restrictive winter clothes, that make getting dressed even more of a challenge, love Bex xxx

I’ve just landed at my daughter’s Shazzie…when I say landed…we came in the car

Waiting for a yummy indian take away, they are the best. I’m even going to have some wine heeheehee…I best Keep off here after drinking lol, I’m daft enough

We’ve come to dog sit. One day it maybe Baby sit but I won’t hold my breath


Sorry you are feeling low too Bex. Like you say probably a lot to do with the dark evenings. Hope you pick up soon.

And Noreen. You have a lovely take away and a lovely cuddle with your granddog.

Drop some hints about the grandchildren I would. Perhaps put a bonnet and mittens on the doggy. Hehehehe.

Shazzie xx

Hint Shazzie! What yah trying to do woman…get me killed

Hic hic

Of course not Noreen. What would we do without you???

You can get some nice bonnets and mits. Would fit the doggy lovely!!

Shazzie xx

Funny you should mention bonnets and mits shazzie. I remember knitting lucy (our granddog) a coat. I think it was purple. It didn’t fit her and we had such a laugh because she actually didn’t mind wearing it…she’s a right little poser.

She’s 15 now but is still spritely. Dogs have their own unique character, don’t they? Runs rings round her granddad lol but knows not to try it on with me…the little darling.

Soon been spring Shazzie. The days are staying lighter for longer now.


Hi folks,

Been feeling a bit low myself but don’t know why. Builders have given us an entry date for our new flat. Should be getting really

excited for getting flooring curtains etc etc but can’t be bothered.

As you say it’s getting lighter at nights so hopefully i will get some go about me.

Mags xx

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I love that Blossom refers to her ‘granddog’. Good that!

Our little Lucy is still with us…16 in April. She has fluid retention is a very round and hard belly! She is on frusemide…same med as humans, for it.