i am around.....

hi all.

i am around. i havennt been well (understate4ment!) cant see very well and am mega struggling but just to let u all know i am getting supoort/care fron next weeek so hope the daily struggles will eaase a bit.

ellie x

Oh Ellie! Hello love. Good to hear from you and that things are improving.

Are you using Direct Payments to pay for care?


Hello Lassie,it’s good that you could hobble here.Are you getting a couple of big caber tossers(doesn’t look right) to do the caring or is that only happening if I win the Lottery and buy you a load of prime Scottish beef.A bit of help will make a difference and you’ll be able to devote more time to getting better. How’s the family?

There is a problem if my balls drop right, in that my helicopter will be lowering me into your lounge.With you all the way Girl…I don’t do Internet Thugs,but you are rattling around in my diseased brain.

Laters Lovie,


pleased to hear you are around,im pretty much the same,in bed most of the time,and fed up of people thinking,i have a choice in the matter,hope you start to pick up very soon…hope we both do cos this aint no fun AT ALL !!!


jaki xx

Hey E

Good to hear from and that the care is getting sorted out for you as well. I hope that the latest addition to the family is fit and well and the G and the others are well too!


Hi Ellie Glad you’re back. Sorry you’ve had a hard time of things, but hope it will get better for you soon Love jane xx

Hi Ellie, Sorry you have been so poorly - thought I hadn’t seen you for ages! Glad you’re going to get some help/support from next week. Hope you’re getting some meds to help ease your symptoms! Take care, Teresa xx

Good to hear from you!

I thought you’d been rather quiet. I’m sorry to hear you’ve not been well.



hi all

poll-yes, 7hrs a week

steve-thanks for ur emails, cannt always reply but love reading them…

jaki- i became a granny on 1st july. sophia is dandyo, i still havent been able to hold her but shes been in the bed with me (once for half an hour just her and i) mummy was on standyby downstairs just in case needed.

andy-all managing as best as we can. i still hope tyto write my bookj! tho now need more help to do so-but theres ideas starting to take place and happen.

jane-they are not getting better but i am coping better…

teresa-my gp is the best. he visited me again at home today. i said he was one of my goals-for me to get to surgery onec day!

tina-thanks. tho its not all bad-i have lost 4 stone!

have any of u had a frozen head? like at dentist but wporse! iabout 3/4 of head was affected. bit inside of mouth to bits cos couldnt feel. choked several times cos i had no idea where fluid/slops were in my mouth. about 90% ok now.

thanks for replies folkas, i appreciate them all. ellie x

Nice to see you back Ellie.

Sorry to hear you’ve been so ill. Hope you continue to recover so you can snuggle that new baby!

oohh! i love to cuddle new babies - congratulations !

Are you going to be Grandma/Granny/Nana or something else?

A friends mum is known as ’ Nana Fruit Gum’ to her grandkids! I wonder why?

Take care my love


congatulations on your new baby grandaughter,she will make you feel better,when my little grandaughter was born i was still in bed 24/7 with a severe relapse,i very slowly managed to get out of bed,most days

i think if she hadnt been born i would be much worse than i am now,i still have to be in bed,but i still can get up for a few hours a day,which i thought i would never do,shes 7 months now and is such a joy,ad gives me strength to face each day.

jaki xx