a trying, tiring day

hello guys.

as my title suggests, its been a hard day.

  1. hoist handset failed this morning and I was half way out of bed…luckily the lounge hoist handset fitted and got me up.

but it took 5 calls before anyone was actually interested enough to do summat about it. I cried.

I eventually got a replacement handset…sorted…

  1. Direct Payments woman came and said, I havent seen you for almost a year. How are things?

I reminded her she was here about 3 months ago. why didnt she consult her notes for chuff sake?

  1. Care agency woman came and said they had no info on me…eh? they`ve been sending me a carer for 3/4 weeks…hellfire and snot, eh?

  2. The extra 25mg of amitriptyline is subduing the bum cheek pain…but making me so tired.

  3. My lovely, wonderful Bev has left me for 3 weeks…1 weeks hol and 2 weeks recuperation from an operation next week. I cried.

off to bed.

goodnight all.



Oh Poll I’m sorry you’re feeling so down, everything happens at once doesn’t it.

Dry your tears and get some rest, tomorrow’s another day (and lots of other platitudes that actually tend to be true).

Send our love to Bev, hope things go well with her op and that she’s back with you asap. You will manage without her for a few weeks, it’s hard to face but the time will pass and she’ll be back before you know it.

for today if you’re not asleep yet, can you take your mind of today’s mishaps?

It’s sunny here now but we had a good thunderstorm at lunchtime - saw one of the best forked lightning flashes ever, looked to be at the end of the gardens of the houses opposite (it was probably miles further away!), followed almost immediately by a rolling crash of thunder. I do like a good storm.

Be kind to yourself,

AngC xx

Sending a big hug to you Polls and I hope tomorrow is a much better day for you.

Marjie xx

Aw Polls. I’m sorry you’re feeling down. You’re normally a cheery, forgiving, sunshine soul. And I’m sure you will be again soon.

Being without your handset must have driven home your vulnerability. Being “forgotten” by the carer agency, and the payments lady, probably made you feel invisible! Not our Boudica. She’ll be driving that chariot, wheels on fire soon enough. Just after she’s rested and re charged her batteries.

Bev will be back soon enough and you can indulge in chocolates and cake. That’s sure to make things seem less sad. Hugs to you Polls. Xxx

Oh no Polls i am sorry to read you have had such a rotten day. Let us hope today will be a lot better.

big hugs. xxxxxxxxxxxxx rosie. xx

thanks so much all.

today is better.

onwards and upwards

chariots fine!


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That’s our girl! You can’t keep a good Iceni warrior Queen down. You do have a reputation to uphold. Care agencies all over Yorkshire are trembling under their beds. Anthony x

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and tremble they should!


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