roll on 15th

Afternoon playmates! Lovely bank holiday weather. it was actually hot in our garden this morning.

Right, reason for my post.

I am absochuffinlutely fed up!

At 4.30am today, an urgent need to wee woke me up. This has been happening every night for a few weeks and my poor hubby is badly with his RA in his feet just now.

So not wanting to disturb him, I slung meself up into the hoist…uoh…couldnt hold on at all…and started to empty before i was on the commode…wet bed, bed pad stuck to me and was half in the commode…puddle on the floor…wet sling…I struggled to find a clean pad, find the oust spray and had to get back into a damp bed…carer came at 9am and sorted me out.

No wonder i have the baggiest eyes ever and am so fatigued.

I really want that SPC…or I`ll be hooking meself up to a tube and attach a food bag to the collecting end.

Poor Polly.

luv Pollx

aw polly

good job that you’re a fighter.

hope you get your spc soon

carole xx

Sending you big ((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((HUGS))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) Poll.

Pat x

Aw Poll, big (((hugs))) from me too, that’s the last thing you need in the middle of the night! Do you know when you’re going to get it?

Mags xx

Big hugs from me too (((((((x))))))) Love Sara x

Big hugs from me too. ope you get it sorted really soon xxx

Aw lots of hugs Poll x

Tea now then bed. Gonna wear pull ups. Hope it is better than last night.

nite nite all.

luv Pollx

Ah Polly, miserable for you. {{{{Hugs}}}}

Better night tonight I hope x

Have a good rest, and hope last nights disaster doesnt recur! You poor lady - but you`re immensely brave and open about “personal!” subjects! God bless. XX

Oh sorry Poll - that’s no fun at all, is it? Hope the 15th seems to get here quickly! Hope you have a better night tonight! Teresa xx

Hi Poll, poor you I know what it’s like when that happens when you are already feeling so tired and exhausted. I just wanted to let you know I had my SPC fitted on Friday. I went in on Friday morning, had the operation in the afternoon and came home at lunchtime on Saturday. Everything is fine just a bit sore and now waiting for the district nurse to come tomorrow to remove the two stitches that I had. Good luck with your and I’m sure you will notice a huge difference. Anne x.

Hello Polly,

I hope you have had a better night last night and the 15th rolls by for you and things get much better.

Sending you big hugs.


Aww Poll, sounds bloody awful!! Sending a hug :slight_smile:

Roll on 15th xx

What a star you are on here Poll, you are always so encouraging. Hope it all goes well on the 15th, sounds like it will really improve things for you. sending you lots of positive thoughts xxxx

Hi poll ((((15th))))) Xx

Hi Poll

Hope you had a better night, and that they sort things out for you.

(((((((((((hugs))))))))))))))))) from me, take care

Pam x

What a gruesome nite :(:(:(:frowning: SP will make a huge difference! Thru night, just hook yourself onto a night bag and … Sweet dreams. You’ll both wake up bright eyed ands bushy tailed!!! Xxx Get one use only night bags, they don’t leave the house smelling like nursing home!!!

Hi all. Thankyou so much for your lovely kind words of support.

Im afraid last night wasnt any better.well maybe just a tad…

I had my last wee at 11pm and didnt do much…squeezing produced very little.

Then I put my pull ups on.

Bladder woke me at 1.30am…I told it to do one!

Awake again at 4.30am…got this stupid body clock it seems. Decided I better get slung and hoisted up.

Didnt wet the bed, but weed thru pull ups…fine…but

then it came to getting them off. Tore down the sides, which was harder than I realised, but couldnt pull the pants thru…had to squeeze the gusset (old fangled word, eh?) and yank…this caused the contents to shoot out, onto the floor and all down me legs. Grrr!

As I said, roll on the 15th and if he ses no, I`ll lamp him one!

Better still, why dont you all go with me and we can bully him into doing it for me, eh?

luv Pollx

Poll, u should become a comedy script writer, but people in the other world would think it a bit far fetched!! If u don’t mind me saying, u must have big biceps n I for one am envious!! Bev x