duvet day

Morning friends!

Cooler today, yeh? Hope that wasnt our summer.

Having a duvet day in bed today.

The awful nights have got to me. Last night i was up at 5.15am, needing to wee.

i am saving my energy(what`s that?) for Blackpool. Me and 2 carers are off there on friday for 3 nights fun and frolics!

I`m so excited. Only 2 sleeps to go.

luv Pollx

I’m sure your duvet day will do you good Poll. This toilet business is very tiring for you, it’s such a huge effort just to wee. Broken nights’ sleep is also not synonymous with your general well being! Have a nice rest luv Linda x

Oh, I’m really fancying one of those, but I’ve got to be up and at least passably decent, because a parcel is coming, supposedly.

That is, I booked a redelivery for today, after they missed me last time, which means I’ve got to sit in all day. Doubly annoying, as I won’t get my walk, or be able to do any shopping (stocks are dangerously low - I think tonight’s dinner will be toast).

But I can’t do Option 2, which is to stay in bed. So worst of both worlds - no bed, no hour-long baths, but can’t go out anywhere either.

I’d hoped the parcel would come quite early, leaving the rest of the day free, but they only ever seem to deliver at lunchtime, for some reason, which is how they miss me in the first place, as it’s the time I usually choose for my walk. I’m only gone for about 45 minutes, as a rule. You’d think someone who’s out so little wouldn’t get a problem with missed parcels, but it happens every time.



Have a lovely duvet day Poll and fabulous time in Blackpool.

Cooler here today as well… was raining but bit brighter now.

I’m have a dressing-gown and recliner day! Very exhausting visit with bowel nurse yesterday. Was like a bowel police interrogation. LOL.

Hope you have a lovely long sleep tonight.

Pat x

I hope you have a lovely rest on your duvet day Poll - maybe it will include lots of nice naps to make you feel a bit better? Blackpool sounds great - enjoy your time there with your carers! Love Teresa xx

Cheers all for your replies.

i did enjoy my duvet day and i ate a huge bag of cadburys buttons.....very nice and oh so more-ish. I kept putting the bag to the back of my bedside drawer, but they kept saying Come and eat us…you know you want to....so they won and boy!, have I been` today!

Last night i was up at 3.30am and 6.60am for a wee. i`m really tired again today.

Hope the sea air in Blackers makes me and my bladder sleep better.

luv Pollx

Hi Poll

Have a lovely time in Blackpool, hopefully the sea air will do you the

power of good.

If you are anything like me, the sea air will make you sleep for England.

Pam x

Hi Polly, I thought it was just me that could hear in chocolate! I’m glad you had a good duvet day :slight_smile: I hope Blackpool is a wonderful break away and you get lots of rest. Love Sara x

Have a great weekend away Poll it will do you the world of good.x

Hi Poll,

I just wanted to say that I hope you have a fantastic time in Blackpool. Looking forward to hearing about how you get on. Hope the weather improves for you.

Boo x