3 sleeps!

Morning. I’m having a duvet day…resting up for a real shindig I am sooooo excited about!

My dear pal and carer, Bev, gets married on Saturday. I’ve been through every second of the planning with her. Offering opinions when asked and sometimes not…well that’s boudica’s way, innit? I’ve been there for her with the ups and downs.

I’ve changed my outfit a few times, but have settled on muted greens, greys and cream. My dress is chiffon overlay, with white linen pants, grey studded clutch bag, matching shoes and a big grey fascinator! Having my hair red roots done and nails done all blingy!

Been practising boogy-ing in my wheelchair!

Gonna be fun! Can’t wait!


Hi Poll

Sounds great!! Have a good time and let that red hair down!

Take care


Have a lovely time Poll, good luck and best wishes to Bev.

Jan x

How exciting Poll.

Congratulations to Bev.

Hope that you have a brilliant time Poll. Get that wheelie proper blinged up!!!

Shazzie xx

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Ooh, how lovely. I do love a good party. Congratulations to Bev. I can just imagine you boogy-ing in Boudica’s chariot

Have fun

Tracey x

lts such a lovely sunny day here - l was thinking of Poll and hoping that it is the same for her at her friends wedding. l have been exposing bits of my anatomy hoping for a good dose of vitd3. And picking raspberries.

Make the most of the weather to-day - as tomorrow looks as if it is all change for the worse.

cheers everyone…update posted!