wedding bells!

Daughter no 1 and hubby to be have just popped in to ask me when am I not free! How considerate, eh?

We had some disagreements over guest list, but it`s all sorted now and everyone is happy.

Bought my outfit on Thursday. Its a light grey, finely knitted dress with lace inserts and an underdress of plain grey. Very full and knee cover Popeye the Pipe! Also got a lovely poncho coat thingy, in black, grey, cream, with a fur trimmed collar. Will wear fine black leggings, flat black pumps with a spotty bow, got a chunky silver necklace, silver ear rings and black beaded bracelet and black sequinned cocktail bag. Wasnt sure about a fascinator, but think I will wear one. Then I`ll feel very wedding-y.

Not got the date yet, but they are booking Huddersfield Town Hall next Thursday and then we`ll have a date. It will be sometime soon. Then off to a small Michelin guide French restaurant in Elland…just a few minuted from where we live!

Poodle Lucy will have to be babysat for the day.

Tis 2nd time around for both bride and groom…they deserve some happier times.

Daughter and granddaughter will be sleeping at ours the night before and well all go to the venue in our campervan. hubby will trim it up!

happy times ahead!

luv Pollx

That is lovely Polly, always good to have something to look forward to. Your outfit sounds lovely and sparkly. Love a bit of sparkle. Linda x

How lovely, something to look forward to and a wonderful reason the get glammed up for the day. Jane x

How fantastic :slight_smile: :slight_smile: and if you need a Yorkshire based photographer… heheheheh.

Nice hint…dunno what they`re doing re photos.


you know I said there were some disagreements re guest list?..

well it is going to be in daughters words, a small and intimate wedding`…

there will be me and my hubby, bride and groom and daughter`s 2 children, son aged 15 and bridesmaid daughter 11…just the 6 of us.

Intimate yeh?


Poll that sounds lovely. You will look super in your outfit. Barney

Sounds lovely Poll - you’ll really look the part with your ensemble. I am sure you’ll look lovely! Hope it’s a fantastic, happy day for all! Teresa xx

Hi Poll

Thats lovely, something for you to look for ward to, and your outfit sounds grand.

Hope you are feeling a bit better, and had a lovely birthday meal.

Pam x

Poll. That sounds lovely!!

Your outfit sounds beautiful too.

I prefer intimate myself. Much nicer I reckon.

Bet you can’t wait!!!

Shazzie xx

Always working me Poll :slight_smile:

Small and intimate weddings are great, much less stress for the happy couple, and they’re surrounded by the people they treasure. Big guest lists = spending the day with people you don’t often see

l think the guest list is just right - once you start spreading the invites out - its like a spiders web - and you start disappointing people who think they should have been asked. Small and intimate - bijou - l think is best. The mother of the bride outfit sounds very glam Poll - very’ on trend’ as the girl on breakfast tv calls it.

Sounds lovely and your outfit sounds gorgeous A

Thankyou for all your kind replies.


Sounds lovely Poll and your outfit sounds fabulous!!!

A small wedding can be really special I think and also not nearly so stressful!

Pat x

Hubby and I aren`t paying for any of it…we did that, big time, first time for daughter and she didnt want a big do then!

So the plans wont worry me this time!


An update;

the date of the wedding is 6th November.only a few weeks away…at Huddersfield Town Hall and then at La Cachette in Elland. Nice!