she`s getting married in the moo-oorning...........

Hi chaps and chapesses!

Well our eldest daughter is getting married (2nd time for both bride and groom) tomorrow!

It`s at Huddersfield Town Hall at 1pm. Then after to an exclusive french restaurant.

Ive cleaned my 3 make-up mirrors and the long wall one, which will all be much used in the morning, im sure! Ive practised my hair with the black feather and diamante fascinator. Got my dress hanging over a radiator to allow any creases to drop out. It is young-ifying! it has 2 layers, the under dress is light grey soft jersey and the top is finely knitted, light grey wool with lace inserts. I have a new black and grey cape coat with a fur collar........just right for an autumn wedding, mother of the bride! Oh, Ill be wearing finely woven black leggings, tucked into black suede ankle boots with a fur collar…oh and a chunky silver necklace, black and silver earrings and a black and silver bracelet. Think that`s all to tell you.

I know nothing about the wedding dress, as it is a secret…apart from it is in champagne and cream. Emma, our granddaughter who is 11, will be wearing a matching dress.


luv Pollx

Altogether now, Shes getting married in the moo-oor -ning…`

CONGRATULATIONS POLL !! Your outfit sounds FABULOUS. Champagne and cream colour for the wedding dress…beautiful. Have a wonderful day

I hope you enjoy yourself thoroughly tomorrow Poll. Your outfit sounds divine (I love grey) and remember - calories don’t count at weddings so have plenty of wedding cake!!!

JBK xx

Wishing you, and your family, a lovely day to remember Poll.


Sounds lovely Poll.

Have a fantastic day.


Sounds wonderful Poll.

You will all look gorgeous.

Have a lovely day!!

Shazzie xx

You will be beautiful Poll, hope you all have a great time and the weather stays fair for you. L x

I hope that you all have a lovely day, Poll.


My word, this week has gone so quicky, probably even more so for you!

Your outfit sounds fab :slight_smile:

I hope you all have a wonderful day tomorrow :smiley:

Sonia xx

Oh, how lovely! Glad the doc’s appointment went well, and is out of the way, so you haven’t got that still hanging over you on the special day! T. x

Your outfit sounds fab. Hope you all have a good day! Cheryl:-)


have the bestest day ever.

your outfit sounds gorgeous as does your daughter’s.

have loads of fun and lots of cake

carole x

Have a great day Poll, pictures please x

Congratulations! Hope you all have a truly wonderful day. xx

Hope you have a wonderful day-your outfit sounds fab.Cathy

Have a wonderful time tomorrow Poll. Your outfit sounds glamorous and warm - perfick. I always chuckle at fascinators though as I know of a lady who used to call them fantasisers! That lends a whole new meaning to them …

Tracey x

Have a lovely day Poll, hope your weather is better than ours.

Pam x

Have a lovely day today Poll - I hope you all enjoy yourselves! Teresa xx

l have been thinking of ~Poll and her family all day. lts not stopped raining here - but that will not dampen her excitement. Can’t wait to find out how it all went. What she ate -what everyone else wore. Wish we could see the photos.

l bet she is tucked up in bed now - snoring away with a satisfied smile on her face.

Bit late but hope you’ve had a fantastic time. Your dress sounds lovely.shame we can’t see pictures of the wedding family. Xxx