wot a bootiful wedding!

Well now guys and gals!

Yesterday`s wedding was truly wonderful. A small intimate wedding, with just 6 people, who mean the world to each, other was perfect.

The brides hen night consisted of me, in bed, with Karen and Emma sprawled next to me on Mr Pollys bed, eating the biggest pizza I have ever seen, a large bag of chips and a bottle of wine. Guess what we were watching on tv?..Oh, yeh, I just had to have a slice of pizza…don`t know what it was, but it was scrummy!

Dont tell the bride! The tv groom, who was a biker, had booked the ceremony on a lap of a well known race track...............Ive forgotten it`s name now…ha!

Anyway, back to our wedding…no-one was allowed to see the dress, until the day and we all guessed as to what it would be like.

With it being 2nd time around for bride and groom, I didnt expect karen to choose what she did…they were upstairs, getting ready and my morning carer, Bev, was here and I urged her to ask if Karen needed any help…she didnt.

Then, we heard the door open…Karen said You go first…so we saw Emmaa feet, then the bottom of a long, cream tuille bridesmaids dress and I said Wow, well if thats Emma, karens must be ..................Karen stayed back long enough for us to make a fuss of Emma. She looked gorgeous....shes 11…her hair was so pretty and the cream fascinator was so sweet.

Then…Karen started down the stairs…oh my…oh wow…ohhhhhhhh!

Well it really needed to be seen to appreciate just how beautiful she looked. Her dress was long, with a pale caramel underlayer and a cream lace over lay. It was strapless, with an empire bodice and a delicate bow under the bust. Then she has an ivory, lace, long sleeved shrug…the style was like Kate Middleton`s around the chest area. her hair was all pulled to one side and tousled. She also wore a cream feather and bow fascinator. My daughter looked like a picture from a top bridal magazine!!!

And do you know what she said?..

I look better than I did last time, dont I?

To say she was 23 then and is 41 now, she looked not a day older and just as beautiful, but to me she still looks 12!!!

The groom looked very handsome and I have a new son-in-law. I used to have none, then 1, then 2, then 1, then none and now we have 1 again!

The ceremony and meal after went so well…boooootiful! Mr Polly burst into tears, as he said I do, when the registrar (who looked amazingly like Whoopi Goldberg!) asked, Who gives Karen to be married to Mark? Mr Polly is a wonderful man, husband and dad, oh and granddad too!

And I do really recommend La Cachete, Michelin restaurant in Elland, if you`re looking for a top class venue around these parts.

My outfit was very trendy and comfy…my hair seemed to be in the right shape when I woke up, so I just waxed it up a bit and added my feather, diamante fascinator. My black and white tipped false nails stayed on too!

So, yeh, it was a great day.

much luv


Glad you had a great time Poll, and your daughter and grand daughter sound beautiful. As do you. Glad it all went well. L x

Glad all went well for everyone, many congratulations to the happy couple :slight_smile: L x

It sounds wonderful, glad you had a great time


What a lovely post. So descriptive and emotional - it was a pleasure to read. So glad you all had a wonderful day, Poll Jane xx

You write so well Poll that i feel like i was there as well!

Many congratulations to your daughter and new son-in-law.

I’m glad it went well and you had a lovely day.

Sounds like a very happy day Poll - glad you enjoyed it so much! Teresa xx

Sounds like a perfect day for all of you, so glad it all went well, even the weather behaved.

Pam x

Oh Polly, what a lovely post. Soooo glad you all had a good day - may the happy couple have a long and contented marriage.

Love Hazel


Sounds like you had a great day Poll. Beautiful description of your daughters wedding dress. Noreen,

Sounds like you all had a great day. The dresses sound beautiful. Glad it all went well. Cheryl:-)

Hi Poll,

Thats sounds like a perfect day for you all. I’m so glad you had a good day so you could enjoy it all. I had my fingers crossed that no calamities would befall to ruin the day for you. I’m sure you will have many happy memories of the day, including waking up with near perfect hair. You will have to tell me your secret for that

JBK xx

Glad you all had a good day

Oops, just had a little tear escape reading that.

So glad you all had a wonderful day, happy for you all, wedddings are supposed to be happy and not stressed out affairs!

Sonia x :smiley:

So pleased the wedding went well for you. Sounds lovely. Hen night question - what were you watching on TV??? xx

I did say…Dont tell the bride.perhaps it got lost in amongst the rest of the post!


Hi, ta so much…it`s as if you were all there!

Sorry I have no idea how to put photos on here.

The groom took the memory bit out of our camera and said he would print whatever they wanted and bring it back yesterday. he aint been!

Hope he comes soon. Have rung him…no answer…well you cant really pester newly weds, eh?

luv Pollx

The Groom is a very lucky guy - not only has he a lovely bride but an even lovelier mother -in-law.

What more could he want!

Hmmmm? I gave them a lotto ticket with these numbers;

1 (sons birthday) 4 (daughters birthday) 6 (day of wedding, 4 yrs to the day when they met) 11 (November) 13 20 (the year)

Havent heard from them since..........wonder if it came up lucky and theyve gone to warmer climes!



I did say…Dont tell the bride.perhaps it got lost in amongst the rest of the post!


[/quote] Definitely my poor reading skills. Thought that the wedding was secretly held at race track and your new son-in-law was the biker. Think mouth was watering at the pizza description and distracted me! Glad all went well. xx