oh what a fab-u-lous day!

Hi gang!

Yesterday was my friend and carers wedding....Bev. There are photos on fb if anyone wants to may need to friend` me to see them…dunno! My full name is Pauline Bull.

Well, what an incredibly wonderful day it was!.

The ceremony was in a small but beautiful church, with the bells ringing out!

The verger suggested I sit in my wheelie, at the back, near the door, so I could see Bev arrive. Oh and when she did, she looked radiant, pretty and just gorgeous. I filled up, so did everyone else as her groom looked at her and said `WOW!

They both giggled and cried as they said their vows.

The reception was held at a golf club…very swish, with marvelous food.

Then the evening do (yes I stayed to both) was at the same venue. And I bopped my top half with the rest of `em I enjoyed it sooooo much.

I had expected to go home about 8pm but was still singing and bopping at10.30pm. I only went home the `cos hubby was picking me up and I didnt want to ring him any later.

My outfit felt great, my fascinator never moved!

So, I was in my wheelie for 14 hours altogether…yeh…amazing, as normally my backs hurts after 6 hours…but I have found the way to handle it…

several glasses of wine and 2 paracetomols every 4 hours = a bit of discomfort, but no chronic pain…

shall I become a wino?

Haha. Fab times!

much love

your pal Polly


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That’s our Poll!!!

Polly, it’s really great to read such a happy positive positive post. I am delighted you had such a good day.

ann xx

Lovely post thanks Poll so glad you had a good time.

Jan x

Wow Polly sounds like u had a fabulous day - so glad u were able to enjoy it so much. Lots of lovely memories huh?



Glad it all went well!

Ellie x

I’m so glad you had a wonderful time. I have a friend whose real name is Pauline but we all call her Polly or Poll. It was my mum who came up with her shortened name as she said she reminded her of Pollyanna in the film. Our Polly is always very positive no matter what happens in life - just like you.

Tracey x

I do me best elmo!pollxxx