my fab day out

Good day Guys & Gals, chilly innit?

Thought Id share whats been going on Chez Nous.

Thursday was a great day…very posh too!

I treated my sis, who is also my PA, to a Ladies Luncheon at the banquetting hall nearby. It was held in aid of the local hospice where I go for respite. We`d bought a new outfit each, with matching jewellery and had our hair done for the do.

We were treated to entertainment by a Michael Bubbly-type crooner. Nice and easy, he looked about 14!!!

The feast was top drawer and oh so yummy;

warm goats cheese tart with warm salad

chunky belly pork with roasted apple with a `` je ne sais quoi` sauce, but gorgeous. Green beans, creamed mash and carrots

the pud! Wawawa wow!!!

A huge roll of vanilla ice cream with meringue, strawberries and orange segments inside, covered in a rich chocolate sauce…oh to die for…no, I dont like that expression, but Im sure you know what I mean! The waiters all came in carrying several of these foods from heaven aloft…with an indoor firework in each and sparkles flying everywhere. As I said…wawawawow!

Just to bring you up to speed, hubby hasn`t had a ciggy since 11/11/11 …easy date to remember, eh?

Oh, and Im going for a weekss respite on 1st dec. And the ceiling hoist is working well.

T`aint so bad, is it?

luv Polly xxxx

Hi Poll Sounds like you’ve been having a grand old time! Good on ya Enjoy your respite week, I hope you have a good time and hubby has a well-earned rest. Great effort for the non-smoker! Teresa xx

Hi Polli

So glad you had a nice day out,the food sounds lovely.[did you have to let your belt out].

Enjoy your respite week.

Ask hubbie if there is any partys on while you are away.

As for smoking he is doing well.[wish i could do the same]

You Take Care.


Cheers for your reply.parties at our gaff? Dunno owt about that!

luv Pollx

Cheers Teresa.

luv Pollx

Hi Poll, sounds like you had a great time. You sure know how to live it up, ms or not, I love that spirit in you. Well done to your husband on stopping smoking. Enjoy your respite. Cheryl:)

Hi Poll

Sounds like a lovely day, and a perfect excuss to spoil your self

Hubby doing really well, he must be well chuffed with himself. Hope your respite is enjoyable.
Take care

Linda xx

Hi Mel, ta for your reply. Congrats on the success of your fag quitting!

Off out shopping tomorrow and meeting a pal who has HSP…this is what I holidayed from MS with, last year.

Confused? Yes, not surprised. It was when a new neuro said I had HSP and not MS, after 12 years! Then a year later, yet another neuro shoved me back to MS! All fun, innit!

luv Pollx

Hi Linda, cheers for your reply and kind words.

luv Pollx

Hello Poll I have really enjoyed reading your post. Keep em comming eh lass…

Sounds like a great day out with your sister.

Congrats to hubby.It does get easier with time tell him.

Enjoy your respite and hope to see you soon…xx Maria

Hi Poll,

I am very envious of that truly fabulous meal you were treated to. I hope that this doesn’t mean that you have tro go on a ‘one bean or two’ type diet once you arrive at the respite centre? This will be a nice breather for you both pre-Christmas. Well done to your other half for now being a non smoker for eighteen days.

Best of luck,