well hello there!

A very good afternoon to one and all!

I`m back home now after my wonderful respite break.

I feel relaxed, calm and peaceful…it is a lovely feeling and I hope to hang onto it for a long time.

Honestly guys, the care I received from every single member of staff, from the Medical Director, doctors, nurses, and hospitality staff is incredible…no, it is credible, as I have had 2 previous stays there, which were also wonderful.

I had 6 visits from doctors, asking how i am and giving help by tweaking some of my meds to give me greater benefit, They have also added meds to help my bowel problems. The top doc has written to my neuro to remind him I am still here and have not disappeared, despite having had no word from him since Feb, when he said he was sort a dx for me.

I had back massages, foot and leg treatments, daily visits from the chefs to discuss menu options. I also went to the Day Hospice for craft sessions and to chat with other day patients. I met a new couple, of which the man has terminal cancer. I was telling them about the many benefits of attending the Hospice.

I gave them some of my handiwork. we got the sewing machine out and I showed them how to make quilted gift bags.

Today we decorated cookie/sweetie jars and they looked lovely.

But, yes it is a truly beautiful place.

I just wish we could all benefit from such a place.

Nice to be back with you all.

much luv, Polly xxxxx

Hello Poll,

So pleased that you had such a nice restful time. Welcome back to ol’ blighty!


Hi Poll, sounds wonderful and glad you had a good time. Cheryl:)

Hi Poll I’m so glad you had a lovely time. I think I speak for everyone when I say how happy we are to welcome you back. You have been missed. Teresa xx

Hi Poll

So pleased you had such a grand time.

Very best to you m’dear


Ahem!! Posh lady were you staying at the RITZ?

Sounds as though you had a great time and

“O” to have more of these respite places for people to be pampered"

You certainly sound well rested Poll and well deserving of this great break away.

Good to see you back…xx Maria.

Hi Poll, so good to see you back and great to hear you had such a lovely time!

You were missed! Take a look on the PPMS board…

Love Pat xx

Wow Poll! That sounds amazing!

Fingers crossed for you that your neuro gets his act together now.

Karen x

Many thanks tfor all my lovely replies.

Still feeling calm and peaceful today…despite just had a pooey accident. Hey-ho, s…t happens, innit!

luv Pollx

Welcome back Poll and so pleased to hear how well you were looked after. Hope your neuro takes some notice now, what’s wrong with some of these people?

Enloy being back home, take care of each other and keep us up to date.

Luv, Dawn. xxx

That sounds a lovely experience. I am glad you enjoyed it.




It’s great to have you back.

Is this place a four star retreat?? It just sounds so fantastic all the care and attention you have ben given. All those spa treatments as well.

Ooops just read your other post. Never mind. At least you are still sounding calm and relaxed. It’s just greaat to meet new friends isn’t it. Just hope now that you hear from your Neuro after all this time, while he has been making decisions about your dx.

Great to have you back. Yep, you have been missed by one and all.

The boards are going to be busy again!

ttfn C x