Wonderful Birthday Yesterday

Morning everyone.

I just wanted to share with everyone what a brilliant birthday I had yesterday.

For the first time since I was diagnosed in 2005 the whole of my widespread family and friends arranged with each other to turn up at ours in small groups rather than one big huge amount of people all at one time which has absolutely knocked me out on these big days like christmas and birthdays in the past.

What a difference it made. I had one little group in the morning then rested for a couple of hours then a few more people mid afternoon then another little rest then a few more people in the evening for a take away and a couple of glasses of wine. Brilliant day. We all really enjoyed it. My sons and hubby were so chuffed that I managed to have a really happy day too and so did they.

Shazzie xx


Aww Shazzie, so happy you had a lovely day. Happy birthday!! :slight_smile:

Happy belated birthday hun. I bet you were so delighted to see everyone & chuffed with yourself too. My niece can have birthdays that last for 2 weeks so you can always employ that strategy too. Its amazing how anything she wants to do becomes a ‘birthday treat’

JBK xx

brill to read-thanks!


A very happy happy birthday for you Shazzie.

As long as we know how things work best for us and pace ourselves we can have as much fun and enjoyment out of life as everyone else!

You’ll have lots of happy memories of a lovely day.

Jen x

So pleased you enjoyed you special day Shazzie! That’s a brilliant way of celebrating too!

Rosina x

Glad you had a happy day. Hopefully the same can be done at Christmas so you can enjoy that too xx

Oh Shaz…how wonderful!

So glad you enjoyed your special day.

Belated greetings from me.


Belated Birthday Greetings from me too Shazzie, your day sounds wonderful as do your family and friends x

Jan x

well done shazzie!

you must have finally got through to friends and family.

so glad you had a good birthday.

belated happy birthday

carole xxxxx

Happy belated birthday Shazzie glad it was so happy for you. Janet x

That sounds lovely Shazzie. I have to say the best birthdays I have had are where I have had special activities spread out over the course of a week, it makes my birthday seem longer :slight_smile: It always helps with the fatigue of course. I’m so glad you enjoyed your day. Hopefully your family and friends will do the same for future special days and holidays

Tracey xx

Thanks so much you lovely lot.

Yes. It made such a difference to spread the visits over the whole day. I didn’t suffer badly the day afterwards either.

Thanks again for your wonderful replies.


Hey Shazzie,

Glad you had a great Birthday :slight_smile:

All the best