Oh what a lovely day,

Well folks ive gone and done it i have reached my 60th birthday, my phone hasnt stopped all day including a message from my friend in New Zealand.

Then a delivery of flowers from my mum and sister in scotland,and more floweres and cake from friends.

I thought i was just going to my daughters for a take away but was taken to a resturant where many members of the family were waiting for me,to say i was surprized was an understaitment .

wow do i feel blessed to have careing friends and family round me,all in its been a lovley day


How fabulous for you Barbara, to have such a lovely birthday surprise.

Happy belated birthday


sounds like such a lovley time you had,

happy belated birthday wishes.

J x

Sounds lovely Barbara!

Iā€™m so glad you enjoyed yourself.

Happy belated Birthday!


Happy Belated Birthday sounds like a lovely day all round

Jan x

belated happy birthday wishes seem redundant now because you had a very happy birthday!

carole x

Thanks all ive just about recovered from it all i had a fantastic day and now im just reflecting on it all,sometimes we feel so alone and then something like this comes along to remind me that i have an army of people who do care,and they proved that the other night .

Merry christmas to all

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