happy birthday to me!

To anyone who hasn`t heard me bleating on about it…

tomorrow I`ll be 61!

Yesterday I said to my hubby, as we was putting me back to bed at 3pm,

Its like looking looking after an old woman, isnt it?

he said, The way you talk youd think you were 94! I was wearing a lilac bed jacket my sis gave me for my birthday. Its soft and cosy, but is a tad ageing! I love it and will keep wearing it.

It made me think.

And guess what? Its gone 4pm and im still up and dressed!

1st October, eh? Where`s the year gone?

Only another 18 months till I get my state pension.

luv Pollx

Happy birthday for tomorrow Poll, hope you have a great day. L x

Ahh Poll. 61 is no age. I’m not gonna happy birthday yet. Will wish you happy birthday tomorrow.

Hope hubby spoils you rotten. And let him!! I would. You deserve the best of everything, especially on your birthday.

Shazzie xx

for tomorrow x

Well done on still being up and about at 4pm. And happy birthday for tomorrow Poll, lots of hugs. Remember 60 is the new 40 - do you want to go through the last 20 years again?

Take care hun

JBK xx

cheers all. Going out with my staff…3 lovely caring ladies…to a restaurant for lunch. Hubby doesnt want to come…no change there then.

Us girls will have a right raucous giggle!

Kelly, in my head I am 40…I like that age and of course it is 5 years sooner than when my problems began.

At 40, I had a promotion at work, was running Weight Watcher classes, lost all my excess flab, had a boob lift and passed my driving test and had my own car.

Nowt to come back for really!

luv Pollx

happy birthday for tomorrow and have one every day anyway. you deserve it.

carole x

Happy birthday Poll, enjoy your meal out, you go girl.

Pam x

Happy birthday Poll, hope you have a lovely day. Ash xx

Happy birthday for tomorrow enjoy your lunch spoil yourself. Barney

Happy Birthday Poll, Hope you have a lovely day, ( no breakdancing though ) Love Margaret ( Charlie b )x

Many Happy Returns hun. I hope you have a good day (that doesn’t three bad days as payback)

Take care - lots of hugs


that deserves some with your meal. Birthday calories don’t count, it’s the law, so spoil yourself today.

Have a lovely day and don’t make the rest of the restaurant blush too much :wink:

Tracey x

Happy Birthday, have a lovely day xx Sam x

Happy Birthday Poll hope you have a lovely day Sue x

Many Happy Returns hun. I hope you have a good day (that doesn’t three bad days as payback)

Take care - lots of hugs



Have lots of fun. Enjoy!!!

Shazzie xx

Thankyou, thankyou and thankyou.

luv Pollx

Have a great day Poll xxxx

Ta lots.