Well friends…when I wake up in the morning, I will have turned 62 years of age!

And i`ll be getting my state pension in March.

So, when does actual old age start?

There must be quite an array of answers to this question.

  1. When you get your OAP allowance.

  2. When you retire from work.

  3. When you stop dying your hair red?

  4. When you let it?

  5. Other…

None of that nonsense applies to me!

luv Polly. xxx

Happy birthday for tomorrow Polly. Have a lovely day xx Julie xx

Many happy returns of the day. I hope you have a good day and celebrate with your family.

62 is not old, not even nearly old. The older I get the further away old age seems to become. I remember being a teenager and thinking anyone over 25 was old, I am now 49 and still feel inside my head I am that teenager then I see a photo or look in a mirror and have to pause to get my head to catch up with what I am seeing.

Hope your day goes brilliantly.

Linda xxx

Yes happy birthday Polly, have a great day, love Wendy xxx

Hi Polly, happy birthday. For me the answer to your question is when you let it.

Ann x

Happy Birthday Polly, have a wonderful day.


Happy Birthday for tomorrow hope you have a lovely day

Jan x

Happy Birthday Poll, hope you have a great day, God knows you deserve it.

It’s not that you’re getting older but getting wiser.



Happy Birthday for tomorrow Poll, have a lovely day

I’m never getting old…it’s all in the mind

Happy birthday Poll - who knows the answer to that question lol there are times these day when i feel i am old at 34 but think that has a lot to with this annoying disease. As long as you still feel young that’s all that matters. Hope you have a good day and lots more adventures are ahead of you

happy birthday poll!!!

never mind about the numbers. 62 is just a number and you aren’t a number, you’re a free (wo)man!

really my birthday celebrations are just recognising that i survived another 12 months!

you are such a warrior!

carole x

happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear poll happy birthday to you xxxxxx

happy birthday poll

ellie x

Happy Birthday Poll

My mum always said you’re only as old as the man you feel! My dad was 10 years younger than her and she was clearly a bad role model!!

Have a wonderful birthday

Tracey x


The sun is shining here for a very smiley, witty and bright haired Lady!!

Have a lovely day Poll and hope you are doing something special for a special lady

Best wishes

Cindy xx





Have a really scrumptious day Poll.

Shazzie xx

Happy Birthday Poll hope you had a good day

In answer to your question im not there yet :slight_smile:

Happy Birthday Polly.:relaxed:

Love Annex

Happy birthday Polly! Hope you’re enjoying your special day


Oh thank you all sooooo much for your happy b`day wishes.

I am having a lovley day…tel appt at 4.15 with GP.

But now I know what has been getting me down lately, I feel empowered

Boudica reigns! She is alive and kicking in Poll!

luv you all! POll.x