When does old begin?

I went to lunch with some friends today (people I worked with many years ago) and was shocked to the core to discover that two of them would soon be 70. We all laughed at how we had thought 40 was bad!

My question is - when does old start? I’m 60 and to some eyes that’s an old lady but I don’t feel that tag fits me at all, I don’t feel all that much different to 40 to be quite honest. OK so the mirror tells its own story but old is someone else, not me.


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It’s a state of mind Jane A couple of years back I felt really young, I looked young and was teaching pole dance and felt pretty invinceable…whereas I’m now walking with my Grandad’s rollator My Mum asked if I was serious about having it and I said yes please! In fact, you’ve reminded me, I must dust it!

No, I’m approaching 45 and aside from the walking, I’m still pretty young at heart and I think we need that

Sonia x

When you find out then tell, tell, tell because I too am 60 lol! I can’t figure whether or not people are genuine or just being polite when I tell them my age because despite the MS I look very well, dress as smart as I can manage, a kind of smart/casual and still feel young at heart.

I think it was Mark Twain who said, "Age is an issue of mind over matter. If you don’t mind then it doesn’t matter "

And that is how I like to think of it.


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when u let it matter?!



I’m 59 in April. Keep Thinking I’m 59 now…I do get confused.

I feel much younger and people tell me I look younger…I choose to believe them

Joanna Lumley is 68. She is a beautiful, classy lady. If you feel young at heart, it puts a lovely sparkle in the eyes…whatever your age


Age is only a number! It’s how you “feel” that really matters and your attitude! :slight_smile:

while i sometimes feel old, i definitely mean because i’m feeling creaky, not in my mind/soul. i’m 51, my mam always proudly said her age, she didn’t give a rats a$$, because, as far as she cared, she was just her, at any age. my dad lived to 82 and he never seemed old to me. so i’ve got at least another 31 years left before i’m prepared to BE old, and even assuming i get past 82, i’ve told my daughter i want putting in my box wearing jeans!

wendy xx

Like Nindancer I was teaching pole dancing not so very long ago myself - and was thinking that I would be happily hanging upside down for many years to come, unfortunately that was not to be, I have sensory disruption throughout my left hand side and I considered it too dangerous for me to continue - I miss it hugely. I have a walking stick for when I am out and about,

I’m 46 soon to be 47 - there are more lines on my face than there were 10 years ago - the people I work with are getting younger by the year - but I don’t feel old, I certainly don’t act old (walking stick etc. aside). I’m beginning to understand why my Dad says that in his head he’s 35, even though his birth certificate puts him at 80 years old. I have ice in my water bottle and an ice pack as back up for when I am at TKD during which I take rest stops when I need them, I don’t take walks at lunchtime unless I absolutely have to, and definitely not on TKD days (I can do one or the other, but not both). I go to music concerts (if I like the artist playing) - I meet up with friends as and when we can and laugh 'til our sides hurt - I ride a motorbike weather permitting, and yes I do get odd looks when I pull up, and pull out a walking stick ala House MD - better that than getting off the bike and weaving away like I’ve had a few pints of Natch.

Young at heart and mind and ageing disgracefully

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As l have a mum who is 91 - and she still wears jeans!! l still feel like someone’s daughter - Mum can’t believe she is 91 - she says she feels just the same as she always did. She still lives on her own - hates asking for any help. My brother visits once a year - on her birthday. And mum finds it hard to realise that her ‘boy’ is a mature 69 yr old.

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Oh dear lol

I think I may become like your mum, if I’m lucky to live as long.

When my son of 32 comes to stay. It’s a standing joke when he leaves, that I say " Matthew you can go now and be a man again"


Mum has given up driving - but she did drive for 70yrs - and 70yrs no-claim!!

Here already, I’m afraid. When trying to describe MS to people who haven’t got it, I explain that it is like getting very old, very early.


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Totally agree, Alison! My response to: “When does old begin?” is: “Much earlier than it should have, without MS!”

I’ve got about the same strength and stamina as my 75-year-old mother, and as many aches and pains, if not more.

Not that I’m having a whine (well OK, I am, I s’pose) but for ages before diagnosis, I dismissed my illness as: “It’s a pity I’m not ageing very well.”, as I honestly thought that’s all it was. I also thought: “I never knew ageing was this bad”, and wondered how come people don’t moan about it more! But still it didn’t dawn on me not everyone feels like this - I thought I was just being a wimp about stuff that happens to everyone.



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Hi all,

I’ve devised this new ageing process - after I was 50, 8 nearly 9 years ago in April, I decided that 50 was old enough so I started knocking a year off. So effectively, I’m remaining 50 until my end which I’ve decided will be as my gp said, hopefully 102. I’ll be content with that.

Seriously, I think age is only a number. I was in the next store with my 38 year daughter and there next to my daughter was a youngster about 17 and next to me was a woman that I would say be about 70/75. So it just goes to show, it’s attitude not when you’re born.


Old will always start the week after next



i love you lot!

my response to being diagnosed with ms the week before my 50th birthday was to have a short, spiky crop and a mad purple colour on my long blonde hair.

i buy tickets to see bands whenever i can afford them.

i’m disappointed in myself that i haven’t got the energy i need to be a real disgrace but i try!

i’ve never ridden a motorbike in my life but i dream of riding a harley.

​maybe in my next life i’ll be a biker and travel all over the world on my harley.

ha ha!!

carole x

My head tells me I’m still in my early twenties but my body says I’m already old lol! I do like to go dancing with friends still but I dance for two numbers and then sit with my feet up for two until I’m good to go again. I go to bingo too but we’re the naughty table who giggle a lot (we’re not very mature and we snigger at double entendres etc). Bingo is my Friday night release after working and being sensible all week. My friends are all between 50 and 70 but it doesn’t seem like that as we’re all as daft as each other!

I also take it as a compliment that my son’s friends like coming round ours and if Jamie’s out they’ll stay and chat to me about all sorts of things until he’s home. Jamie and I often have silly conversations that end in giggles because our humour is similar and we bounce ideas off each other.

I’m not ready to grow up yet but I’m 50 next month and I have a feeling my friends won’t let me forget it

Tracey x

I think old starts when you stop trying. Regardless of what your hobbies are or what you like to do - if you stop trying thats when you start to give up & fade away. Even if its just trying to read a book and only managing two pages. Trying to walk and only managing a few steps.

I try every day - or is that people tell me I’m very trying …

JBK xx

Now I know, Frances, where you get your feistiness from! Great to hear how well your mum is doing!


I may be 62 and just in receipt of my state pension…am I old? No, Im chuffin not!


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