my 1st born (not MS)

Hi playmates! On Monday, our eldest daughter will be 40…Chuffin ell, where did all those years go?

Her being 40 is followed by me becoming 60…yikes!..2 weeks later.

We dont look our ages and we certainly dont feel it! She says she`s 17 and I say I am 37…still 20 yrs between us ,eh?

She said to me What does a 40yr old woman wear? I said Whatever she chuffin well wants to!` Then I headed for M&S for a look at their leopard print clobber. and went into Bodycare to buy some jazzy false nails.

luv Pollx

Wow Poll! You’re only as old as you feel. Teresa xx

Hi Poll

I agree, time does fly, but it doesn’t stop you wearing that leopard print, you go girl.

Hope all is well, just got back from Somerset, will pm later, take care.

Pam x