Time is relative...

Hi all, I was chatting with my 98 year old neighbour & telling her that my parents met during the war when my Amercan father was stationed in UK…

She: Which war?

Me: The 2nd world war.

She: Oh that recently!

It’s wonderful knowing somebody who considers me… 60 this year… as ‘young’!

Hope everyone is doing ok and keeping warm! Where the hell is Spring!!!

Pat x

Bless her - it sounds like she is still very sharp and with it Pat. My grandma died last March nearly 96 but for the last year she suffered terrible dementia and could no longer converse with you. Lovely feeling to be ‘young’ at 60! Why not? Teresa xx


Let’s face it. 60 is the new 40, 80 the new 60, you get the drift…

Nice idea! If 60 is the new 40, then i am 40 again. What a fab time for me that was. I`d lost all my excess flab, ran WW classes, got a promotion in my day job, passed my driving test and got my 1st car, but best of all…had a boob lift!

But back to reality now…I`m fat as ever, boobs have drooped again, cant drive anymore, retired and knackered!

Hey-ho, I`m still here to tell the tale.

luv Pollx

Hahaha… yes nice idea but I’m with Poll. I have to say I feel every single day of my (nearly) 60 years… and look it too.

Aged 40 I was living in San Francisco, working very hard, huge social life… but was just beginning to get a tiny bit concerned about why I kept getting pins and needles in my hands. Thought it was from using keyboard so much. Oh those days of innocence!

Now, don’t work, hardly any social life, living in sheltered housing and can barely walk… but you know what? It’s ok. Like you Poll, I’m still here to tell the tale.

Pat x