How is everyone?

Hi there, my name is Chrissie, known on the old site as C.C.
It’s taken ages for me to find my way around. It looks like I can reply to posts, but can’t create a new thread. Dunno if this one will work coz I’ve lost about 5 attempts already … and some were flippin’ funny!
Looks like I can reply to existing posts but have a problem in creating a new thread.

Anyway, how is everyone?
For those who don’t recall me, I am Chrissie C, from Staffs Moorlands (the sticks) & I got the confirmed dx of PPMS on 11.11.11 at 11o’clock (ooeer bit spooky).
I was age 59 - so I hit 70 this year!
Being 70 isn’t too bad, just different thinking like a countdown rather than forward planning. I say this tongue in cheek but I have noticed how I used to hear of friends passing uni exams buying first cars first house etc. Nowadays, it’s all the poor health conditions and deaths. Circle of life indeed.
My first Great grandchild is due in August.
A few more body parts of mine refuse to work properly and cognition is shot (replace the vowel accordingly).

Nuff said for now, I hope the fab people & regular posters are still fighting the fight, thinking of Sssue, Shellonbeach, Cat woman, Crazy chick,e Mo Grace, Whammie Jayzee and a host of others.
If memory serves I’ve not been here since our Great Leader Albert Durer passed to green pastures and free of pain.

Hope to meet new people too!

Chrissie xx


It’s worked!! Yippee x

Nice one Chrissie. Good to hear that you are still ploughing through everything. Hope you are having a grand Easter

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Hi Chrissie
I’m fairly new on here but i have seen some of the names you mentioned so I’m sure they’ll be in touch soon. I also have PPMS.
Look forward to seeing more of your posts.

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Hi Chrissie great to read your post and find someone else in my age bracket - I’ll be 80 this year OMG I can’t believe I’ve been living with MS for 50 years this year. Still having mad adventures although this year so far nothing very exciting to write about. Watch this space I might think of something! Life is not too bad really. My son recently introduced me to Wordle a crazy word puzzle which has become quite addictive but keeps my brain working. I don’t watch much TV find it too upsetting with the horror of the situation in Ukraine but like my radio especially LBC and of course The Archers. Have a good week Take care Essie


Hi essie, good to meet you x. So you’re 79 & I’m 70, we could be sisters :wave:.
So you were the perfect age for the massive Society change led by Britain from 1960… wow, that must’ve been fab!
I must admit I’ve only heard of The Archers, but never listened to the radio show. I was a Mod & heard Radio Caroline a lot.
I was 18 in 1970 which is when the Gov’t allowed voting at age 18
It was a very important change but I had no idea who to vote for. If memory serves it’d be Harold Wilson because Ted Heath was responsible for the ad hoc electric cuts.
All long before MS found us.
I’m so glad I still remember my life before MS, way back to my nursery days, aged 2. Ppms attacked & took my cognition away in 2004 but took years for diagnosis.
Ah well, we’re able to help others now & use our own experiences to advise and help

I look forward to hearing from you. So, just like the guys standing at the edge of a 70’s dance floor said, “D’you come in here often?” :wink:
Take care,
Chrissie x

Hi Chrissie great to hear from you. I had a great time in the 1960s having escaped from Newport Mon and working in Geneva as a secretary with WHO. Can you imagine going from £9 a week to over £90, very hard work but quite rewarding. Left after seven years came back to the UK. Long story cut short met a lovely man and we were married within six months! No MS then so I was able to enjoy setting up home first briefly in Wolverhampton and then our first bungalow near Bridgnorth.
The 1970s were quite challenging with interest rates going up and up like the temperature and it didn’t help when my MS skydived after my son was born. But now although more or less bed bound for much of the time I can still hoist myself and swing over the bed and into my

whoops finger slipped again so will continue - not easy balancing this in bed I seem to be slipping further and further down, Was going to say I get into my wheelchair and try to keep my feet on the footpad but usually have to get my legs tied together - makes me look stranger than usual but at least I’m out. Hope we’ll chat again soon, we oldies must stick together to show the youngsters that there is a life to be had even with MS.
Bye for now Essie X