How old ?

How old does a previous post have to be before you can update? I’m relieved to say it’s ok to have an old or even ancient post but have something relevant to add - discuss!
I wanted to know why there is no more life in this forum than the old one? That’s PPMSers. Other ‘topics’ come up that are 2010 etc that are barely related but I persist. Am I babbling or does someone understand me? If you have something to say get on here… please

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I’m sorry. We’ve lost so many people, and it’s not easy moving around this new site. The shortcut I use takes me to “Everyday Living”, and I try to bounce around and check all the latest posts, but it seems to me that I’m surprised every other day with ones that I’ve never seen before but that are several days old.

I’m not PPMS, but some of us are still listening to you!

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Hi I’m new and have ppms it really frustrates me

Thank you for listening :hugs: M

I wasn’t a frequent visitor before, but I find this new site difficult to navigate, so I’m here a lot less. I hear what you say and agree

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