Is this forum worse

I have just over the last couple of days started viewing this site,“in fact all the different forums”. what i have noticed is how quiet all the board’s seem to be and i don’t recall this being the case with the old site,is it a case of a change for the worse? Mark.

Hi Mark, I think it goes up and down. Not sure why… well today is Sunday and people often see family etc and also the weather is nice. Might have something to do with it. Weekends in general are a bit slower I think.

I don’t think overall it’s slower than the old site.

Hope you’re doing ok. I am one of the people NOT seeing family today and NOT going out… which is why I’m surfing the forum… LOL…

Pat x

Me and you Pat. No actually I’m waiting for my family to come over. They’ve been in Manchester overnight so I’m baby sitting the dog and made a lasagne for when they get here. I’ve got a few minutes on the kindle while it’s in the oven.

Take care.

Cath xx

I wasn’t here yesterday but am now (how else would post get here?) I dont know what the old board was like so cant comment. Don

Can’t really compare with old I’m afraid, but nice to see the same old punters on here as when I started posting back in Feb/March. What makes this PPMS section different/unique is, imho 1) Older folk posting; by older I mean aged 35+. Ergo, usually more sardonic and less inclined to take stuff seriously all the time. 2) Nature of PPMS; no ‘relapse hell’ diatribes you get on RRMS board (which affects the other 90% of us) and 3) Gallows humour, linked to point 1): knowing that might well be around the corner for us does tend to create a ‘do your worse then’ mentality that sits easily with folk that have already been kicked around enough in life…just a thought!

Great post!!!

I wasn’t around either, so,don’t know what I was missing ! However, I do so agree with you clucker pigeon. Maybe quiet sometimes but always warm, friendly , helpful and caring and no arguments. Take care everyone, Nina x

I’m in total agreement. I hardly ever visit the other sections of this forum. Partly because I don’t understand this relapsing thing, I only know good and bad days, but mainly because I enjoy the people in this section and yes, the humour wouldn’t be understood by anyone without ms but here we can have a laugh.

If I mentioned some of the topics we have laughed about to my best friend she would be in tears as she gets upset by my health issues, bless her, I love her to bits but she sees this as a dark cloud hanging over me no matter how I explain it. She was horrified the first time I fell in front of her and I just burst into giggles as it happens often.

Please don’t abandon us here, every site has its blips but the people here make me look at my (dis) abilities in a new and acceptable way.

Take care everyone.

Cath xx

Shock horror, a bit like MS some days (boards) are more quiet than others BUT this is a great board where have I been? Filling in my blue badge re-application!!! How many pages? 11 and this is the short version, I was going to continue this morning but I had to say this is a great board and I’m sorry I’ve been a bit tardyTake care guys M

Agree with what’s been said, very well in fact by Clucker :slight_smile:

I still use the other bits of the forums, partly the Newly diagnosed (as I do still feel that way myself) and the Everyday living for the same reasons, this still feels very new to me and I do still hope I will get a bit better, sat here at my desk I feel fine… til I get up. sighs

Sonia x

Hi, I pop in here and el and newly dxd and carers most days. im nosey and interested and wanna know how everyone is diddling!