Fewer posts and responses?

I am only an occasional visitor to the forum, but since the changeover there seem to be fewer posts and replies, or is it just me?

I’ve only been on the forum a few weeks. So I can’t compare.

Hi Flowerpot

I agree I expect a lot like me find the new forum quite difficult.

Take care

Pam x

Some haven’t been able to get switched over, others got frustrated at having to set up new accounts, and a large number are having a lot of trouble with the new site. It’s lost its humor and camaraderie.

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The whole site is only concerned by MS matters, the treatments, the equipment, how life changes, heaven forbid it if folk wish a little light entertainment, we all have our ups and downs, we live with it 24/7 so any spice-for want of a better word-is welcomed, I, myself was last on here more than a year ago but questions being asked make it seem like only last week, main object is come on here then slit your wrists

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Hi Flowerpot!
I’ve only just seen your post. Only been back on here for a couple of weeks. No, it isnt half as busy as it was. People dont always embrace change…especially where techno stuff is involved…meaning me!

Nice to see familiar names, like your’s.
Love Boudsxx

Hello to you too. Hope you’re well. Pretty much given up on here now xx

Am inclined to agree. Pretty much given up on this site now xx

I’m with Corrie on this. We’ve tried to liven it up a few times but keep getting shot down.

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And yet there are still many, many posts from newly diagnosed, people with symptoms who are worried about being diagnosed. There is still traffic on the site, less these days, but still people looking for help and advice or posting useful information.

I agree, there’s less in the way of fun and laughter, but can’t agree that the forum is no longer useful and relevant.



Oh, it’s still useful, and I’m glad it’s here for the newbies, but it’s just not fun any more. I came on here originally to learn about other people and forget my problems for a while, and we just don’t have that any more.


A n d t h a t s w h y i s t i l l t r y t o r e p l y.

I t s b l @@ d y h a r d b u t i f m y w o r d s g i v e h o p e t o j u s t o n e p e r s o n t h e n t h e e f f o r t i s w o r t h i t.

E l


The fact that you’re even on here gives hope to us!

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You really are an inspiration Ellie. Thank you for being you.
Big hugs xx

Hiya Flowerpot, Skippy, Sssue, Nor’s mum et al.

The old site knew me as ClassyChic or CC or Chrissie.
I agree this new site, for me, is too complicated to post properly. It’s more luck than judgement.

I miss the regulars & getting to know them. Everyday Living wasn’t always about the different types of MS. Varied subjects and Our Leader (the late, but great, self parodied Albert Durer) is also greatly missed.

I’m not a fan of the new site, most of my posts vanish.

But, the Newbies only know this site & are able to work it out.
Their worries & concerns still need our experienced support.
So I shall try to become more used to the new site and try to stop comparing with the other.
We all have brain fog, forget things and have horrid fatigue…the M.S Sites alliw us to pull together, glean knowledge & learn from others’ experience.

I hope I don’t give up on the new site, and I hope Flowerpot & others still pop in.

You’ve all helped me & no doubt others have helped you. Maybe, with patience, we can help, support & advise our fellow MS ers.
Love, Chrissie X


Hello again. I have a look just occasionally now. I’m here today considering having a rant, but maybe I’ll wait until I’ve calmed down enough not to bore the audience with it! Hope you’re well. xx

Hiya F.Pot
Like you, I pop in now & again. It really isn’t the same site. We should be able to pop in for a general natter & get to know each other.
I miss the banter, comical sarcasm etc.

Hmmm, think I might have an idea …

I’ve only been diagnosed a few months so I don’t know any difference. I have tried Shift.ms and I have to say I prefer this one. My MS nurse said shift.ms is for youngsters but I don’t think that’s true. I just find it more supportive and easier to post on here. I know that goes against other comments/replies on this thread but I’ve never exactly been normal :nerd_face:

Welcome. I’m pleased it’s working for you :blush: